If you don't remember it, then it might not be a great idea after all

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1 year ago

Ok, so I had an idea for a great article and thought I'll write it down tomorrow then the tomorrow came and I forgot what that idea was.

Which reminded me of the video I saw once in which Stephen King was giving advise on writing, so he says he never keeps a notebook by his side so that the bad ideas get filtered out.

If the idea is good then you'll remember it.

And keeping a notebook is the best way to immortalize a bad idea.

Well... now here we are I had a really cool idea for an article and now I can't remember it.

This makes me wonder was it really such a great idea.

I mean I have had ideas for article before and sometimes I keep saying that I'll write them but just don't for a long time, sometimes even months, until I get off my lazy ass and finally get down to writing it.

But, with those ideas I remembered them long after I had conceptualized them in my head.

Be it my latest article on What will Apple cut out of iPhone next?

Or any such articles that are based on some of the things that I believe in or have good knowledge on.

Now with that I feel that the idea that I have forgot probably wasn't so great after all.

But still... I wonder if I can't remember it then how can I be judge if it was or wasn't a good idea after all.

Anyway... I'll leave you with the video of Stephen King talking about writing, thing about the notebooks at 10 minute mark.

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