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If you don't know about about unstoppable domains and Blockchain domains then read my articles:

Blockchain based Domain Names as NFT

How to buy Domain name with BitcoinCash

Get Domain for free

Currently you can get $50 promo credit that you can use to buy any domain from unstoppable domains

In order to promote Web 3.0

Unstoppable Domains and BitDegree are running a special campaign

It is a awareness campaign where you need to do a small free course which has 5 videos totaling to about 26 minutes total.

If you complete this course (you only need to watch the videos) then you'll get a special code for $50 promo credits that you can use to buy any domain you want.

Step by Step guide

1 Go to the below link

Below is the link to the course:

2 Sign up

You need to create an account at BitDegree

3 Enroll in the course

The course is free and after you are logged in enroll in the course

4 Complete the course

Simply watch the videos in the course, they are interesting and insightful

5 The promo code

You'll receive the promo code on your email, the same email id you have registered with.

6 Go to unstoppable domains website

Go to

If you haven't signed up yet make a account, if you already have a account just log in.

Don't worry even if you have an old account with previous purchases the code will still work

7 Add the promo

Go to Redeem Gift Card section and enter your promo code

If you are not able to find it then there is a dedicated video in the course on how to redeem the promo code

8 Buy the domain

Search for the domain that you want and add to the cart then purchase them using the promo credit.

Need help on how to purchase domains, read this article How to buy Domain name with BitcoinCash

9 Claim the domain

After purchasing you need to claim the domain in your wallet either MetaMask or any other Web3 wallet.

Again the video in the course has explained this in case you get stuck

That's it, congratulations

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