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So yeaaaah, Good morniiiing my v.diary! <3

I've been exhausted yesterday due to some cramming activities that's why I don't have anymore the energy to update here last night. Hahaha Well, you're not a student if you don't cram, char. Anyways, I've been so "productive kuno" yesterday in short, napilitan gumawa. Nakakapagod na ding gumawa just for the sake of compliance.

I woke up before 7am because I have to go on my classmate's boarding house to lend a help in completing our activities. I browsed my phone first to see any updates. My classmates decided to have a sleep over in my classmate's house but unfortunately, I can't join them because my Mom won't let me. I know she has her reasons that's why I didn't initiate more.

I fixed first my beddings. You can see my Baby BBoss Panda right on the top of my blanket. She's always beside me every night. Hehe. When I got up, my mother gave me a yumburger fresh from Jollibee <3 That was I think one of the best breakfast I had. HAHAHA charotsss.


To match my breakfast, I prepared my morning milk. I don't know why but I love milk more than coffee. Maybe because it makes my heart palpitate irregularly.


After I had my breakfast, I prepared my bag. Of course, don't forget our alcohol.

After all the preparation, I am now ready to go. I waited for a tricycle for over 5 minutes I think. So yeaaah after of almost 20 minutes of ride, I reached my school.

Here's a quick glimpse on our school gate. I miss this place so much!

After a few mins of walk, I reached my classmate's boarding house. I borrowed his laptop and went to my partner's house to do it. We have a power interruption that's why classes are temporarily suspended which gave us the time to do this activity.


It's quite comfortable here. No background noises, unlike in our neighborhood. Hahaha. What I will do is a floorplan of Agricultural Machinery Building. I felt like I am a beginner in Autocad. Hahaha we have learned using this app 2 yrs ago so I need to refresh everything I learned. It was so fulfilling whenever I got a command right. This app was best for creating floorplans and other architectural related outputs - convenient and easy to use though it requires a quite large storage on your pc. This app also comes with different versions depending on the Windows version you have.

Snack time!!! prepared by him hahaha

As you all know, him and I are on the same course but he's already graduated. So, he also have the skills in operating this app, so I asked him for some help and that made all the works easier for me.

Note: I just asked him some commands that I forgot. I'm still the one who have the big part hahaha wag kayong ano jan.

Fast forward, I made some achievements. Yeeeey!

Due to lack of time, I ended my output here. It still needs some lighting and power layout but it's already 3pm and I need to return the laptop to my classmate because he will report at 5pm with my "consideration with minus" professor. Ops! Hahahahaha.

I handed the laptop to him and decided also to go home for the 5pm class. My partner drove me home using Bumblebee.

Mayon Volcano

What I love the most when travelling is the view. This volcano will forever be beautiful but dangerous. I really never get tired watching and looking this nature-made scenery.

After a couple of minutes, we arrived at home. After we reached our home, my mother told me to go and fetch my sibling in the neighborhood barangay so we went for a ride again but now, I'm the driver Hehehe yes! I'm learning how to drive a motorcycle. Actually, I do know how to drive it because my kuya taught me when I was in High school. So yeah, we reached my sister's place to fetch her and go home.

We took a little break and the separate our ways. I attended first our class and ended around 6:30pm. It was indeed a tiring day but productive in simple ways. I browse my tiktok app first and made some videos again ahaha my stress reliever.

After taking my dinner, I started with my acads again. The deadline is 11:59pm so I need to rush. With the help of my classmates, we have submitted all the activities before the time. It's was nerve-cracking but still the best.


Another day, another productive day! I go to sleep around 12:47am. It was a nice sleep after a long day! Godbless everyone! <3

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Don't forget to take proper sleep, too! so your brain and body will always be healthy. You worked hard, you did well. Keep it up!

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3 years ago

Thank you so much Ate!!! <3 As of now, madami pang tatapusin. Hays di matapos tapos

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3 years ago

Love to read your article very much

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