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3 years ago
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So yeaaah, I've been writing my articles using my laptop, but unfortunately, it suddenly lagged and turned off. I am so afraid that it might break down permanently so I stopped using it first. Right now, writing this article, I'm using my mobile phone. It was quite challenging and somehow gets my hand numb, but it's still worthy to do this.

The laptop that I'm using is not mine. It's my sister's laptop. I'm just borrowing it for the meantime until I get my own. I'm currently saving for it. Actually, I have earned about $26 in this platform, but unfortunately, I need to use the $12 because of an emergency. So, I still need a long way to go.

I'm not just depending my savings here in I am also a scholar in our school, under CHED STuFaps Gender and Development. I'm receiving Php 30,000 yearly, having 15,000 per semester. It was a great help especially during my normal days in school - when there is no pandemic. Financially speaking, I am not stable, but I can still survive this online class because of my sister's help. She managed to purchase wifi and it's a big help. Thanks Sis ❤️

Fast forward, what happened to my day? 😴😂 Well, yeaaaah, as usual, Monday is cramming day. We have 2 deadlines for tomorrow and now I'm cramming for it. This way of education sucks!!! YES! They want us to continue our schooling but it's not healthy anymore. Imagine having atleast 10 working paper from a single subject? We have 9 subjects but he still gives us more than we expected. Yes, it's doable, but it's tiring and not healthy in the mental health of the students. Imagine having to worry everyday for you to have a better internet connection but your prof gives you lot more than you can manage. Honestly, I don't know what to say anymore. Sana all nalang talaga 🙃

I don't know what to do with this anymore.

We still have 60 plates to do with our Project. IT'S REALLY HARD. Engineering and Architecture students can relate. 😩

So here it goes, in the morning I reviewed some of our lessons in Irrigation because we will have an exam. It's a 30-min exam that will make you realize how time is so fast. It is consisted of 5 multiple choice and 10 problem solving. Time was not enough. We asked for some extension but our prof didn't agreed to it, which made us more tense and mad. He didn't even considered some students. Nakakapagod na talaga. Kung pwede lang magstop na. 🙃

The exam ended and I can't guarantee that I passed it. I didn't managed to answer 4 problem solving, so I guess, goodluck nalang sa GWA. 😩 After the exam, I didn't think about it na, I just grab my lunch and eat - stress eating kumbaga 😆

After I eat my lunch, I played with my puppy, Kaki 😁 He is my stress reliever ❤️

I was about to do my acads again, when I remembered that we will be having the convocation for the upcoming election. I tried to open my laptop, and here's what welcomed me.

Waaaaah I really don't know what to do anymore!

I waited several minutes, and finally, it opened. ❤️ Thanks be to God. ✨ Fast forward, I attended the convocation, heard their platforms and projects. It wasn't as good as what I expected it to be.

Being a leader is hard and it requires more attention. Naging leader din ako kaya alam ko ang feeling to lay down my platforms and convince them na ako ang iboto. During the said event, I was laughing because of my classmates responses to every candidate. Hahaha in short, binabash nila, binabash namin 😆 well, maybe we are just traumatized by what happened in the previous governance. They said that promises are meant to be broken. But for me, promises are meant to be fulfilled, so if it's not fulfilled, it was never a promise.

I got bored so I browse my gallery and look at some of my pictures and videos. 😁 I suddenly saw my picture having a short hair. 😁 So, I posted it in myday and asked their opinion if I should cut my hair again or not.

It's 50-50 hahhaa 😆
I think this was way 3 yrs ago 😂 I look so thin and innocent 😂

If you are wondering again if how I look with a long hair, take a look at this pictures. 😁

But, I guess I just keep my hair long. 😁 it's natural and I haven't tried going to the parlor to have it fixed or rebonded. But I would love to try it in the future, if I have the chance. 😁 You know, sabi nila, Hair is the crowning glory. Tama ba? Hahahahaha

Anyways, right now, I am just having some relaxing time. I don't want to be stressed for a meanwhile and since my laptop is not responding to me right now. 😩

So, I think this ends my article for now. Hahaha I am looking forward for my own article soon. I'm planning to make my personal diary. 😁❤️

Anyways, what do you think, short hair or long hair? 😅

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3 years ago
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