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Yesterday, if you have read my previous article, I have shared to you my second part of Society Encounters which happened yesterday on our way to our thesis work. For today's article, I am going to share with you our affairs yesterday.

Monday is allotted for our thesis works. Me and my thesismates decided to canvass the materials needed for our water filter system. The first thing we need to do is go to hardwares and look for a submersible pump with 100 Watts.

This is our first destination. There are lots of materials to choose. But unfortunately, they don't have the stuff we are looking for. So, we moved to another hardware.

We've been to 3 hardwares already but they don't have the pump we are looking for. So we decided to go first to a beach where we can find fine sands for our water filter system.

We can already see the ocean while we are on our way. But we still need to go further. About 20 minutes of ride, we finally reached the ending of the road. We thought that the moment we stepped out of the vehicle, we can already see the ocean, but we're wrong. We still need to walk about 5 minutes to reach the ocean.

We didn't really expect the road to be that watery and muddy. Take note! All of us are wearing white shoes hahahaha. I wasn't able to take picture of the road because I might slip. Imagine we are walking on rocks and muddy sands. But my other thesismate has recorded everything while we are walking haha but I know we can't upload even a short clip here. Here are some snaps.

Thankfully, we reached the ocean with the guidance of our friend who lives near the area. We decided to take off our shoes so that it won't get wet. Before we started to get fine sand, we first took pictures as remembrance. ❤️


Thank you for this shot 🤗
It's been a while since I last went to a beach. Tho we didn't get to swim there, atleast the smell of ocean relaxes our mind.

After taking some pictures, we then get our real agenda here. We gather fine sand. We just get about 2 1/2 kilos since it would be so bothersome to carry it considering the road we are taking and our boy thesismate will be the one to carry it. After gathering the needed sand, we then decided to go back to the town since we haven't taken our lunch yet and it's already 12nn.

The way we used is the same way we used when we get there. You know the feeling when you feel like when you are on your way to your destination, the journey seems to be so long, but when you are going back, you feel like the road gotten short? Or it's just me? ahahaha

Going back, we then went to Jollibee to eat our lunch. When we got to our seats, we are really laughing so hard because we realized that the setup in Jollibee is like a setup in a classroom where students are one seat apart. And what's funnier is that we are sitting in front of them, making us feel like we are their teachers! Hahahah take a look at this.

I'm sorry to take pictures while you guys are eating hahaha. When our order arrived, we then proceed eating because we still have a lot to catch up. After eating, we then go to different hardwares. It wasn't easy going there and there especially that we are wearing shoes, and the sun is too bright. Thankfully, it didn't rain yesterday.

After several minutes of walking, we then found two stores selling the same products but with a different selling price.

The 100 W here amounts to Php 4890.00
While here, it only costs Php 3800.00 which is less expensive than the other one.

We already negotiated with the owner that we will buy this item after we have done testing our machine. After all the stuff, we decided to go to the jeepney stop. While we are walking, my two thesismates found a shop that sells pillow cases so we stopped by for a second.

After buying it, we then waited for jeepneys to come. While we are on our way home, we feel asleep hahahaha and our thesismate took a picture of us. HAHAHAHA

I was really tired. Hahaha sorry. Anyways, after we reached our municipality, we then bid goodbyes and go with our own separate ways.

Our main goal is to work with our thesis but on the other side, we also enjoyed working on it. We got to go to places we've never been before, we learned new things, we got to travel tho it's really costly, and most importantly, we got to go out and enjoy the outside surroundings despite the outbreak of this virus.

Nothing is easy, but it depends on how you handled it. If we just think of getting tired of walking, we won't be able to accomplish anything. It's just a matter of positivity by changing your perspective in life, for a good way.

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