The Art of Voices

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3 years ago

Out of all the blessings we have, I always love this ability to express ourselves through our voices. It is one of our greatest strength as we have the ability to speak. The power it holds changes everything in just a second it was heard.

I suddenly wanted to talk about voices because I just thought if voices don't exist. Like, we just need to use sign languages to communicate. Will it be easier? Let's talk about it more.


What I love about having a voice is that we can talk to each other in a more comfortable way. We can easily say what we wanted to say, we can casually speak. It is very important to us because it became our medium of communication as we express our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. For example we have a problem, a simple words of comfort can make us feel better.


As a musician and a music lover, I am working on my vocals and try not to abuse or overuse my voice. For entertainment purposes, using our ability to produce sounds, we can create a more lively environment such as by composing songs, and producing music. For other application, we can use our voices to entertain people with our talents such as in comedy acts or theatre performances.

Imagine a world without people talking and singing. No sounds can be heard except the natural sound from our environment such as the sound of water flowing down the stream, or the raindrops. Maybe we will have a quiet place to live or the other way around.

If people can't talk, then there will be no excuse with everything. For example:

  • People won't have anything to argue with because we know that the power of voices can change someone else mood or understanding.

  • Everyone is relaxed.

  • You will not feel burden about saying something to your friend like revealing someone else's secret.

  • You cannot hurt the feelings of others when you suddenly say something insensitive.

On the other hand, voices is not just a voice. It also matters how we deliver our speech or the way we speak. We have this so-called intonation that clarifies what we wanted to convey. We should be careful in using our intonation or the way we speak because sometimes it becomes the root of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Comparing to my daily life, I can't imagine a world without voices. I just recently watch the movie A quiet place 2 in movcy and it was amazing just like the part 1, though, (I'm going to spoil you), you will be left hanging at the end. The story is not yet completed.

In that movie, noises can trigger the monster. If you make a sound, the monster will come after you. That's why, the mother with her 3 children keep themselves quiet just to be safe against the monster. If they want to speak, they keep their voices low and use hand signs and signals. They only have a radio with headphones where they are searching for a radio station where they can seek for help.

Living in the scenario will truly be a mess. The world we have today is so noisy. People gossiping, people talking and talking, people singing, dancing, acting, etc. Let's just be thankful that we can speak the way we wanted to be. No one will stop us as long as we're not harming others or talking nonsense.

Inspired by the movie A quiet place, I've decided to write something about it last night. I don't know what happened but I accidentally posted this article unfinished. HAHAHA I was so surprised this morning because I've received an upvote from @TheRandomRewarder from my article "The art of voices". I had second thoughts if I really finished it last night so I came to check. And yeaaa, just what I've thought, I haven't finished it yet Hahahaha.

But, a big thanks to @TheRandomRewarder for still upvoting my unfinished article.

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