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2 years ago

"Childhood, after all, is the first precious coin that poverty steals from a child" - Anthony Horowitz

Have you ever encounter a child selling sampaguita on the street? Or not just sampaguita but also other stuffs? When they came to you, what is your response? Do you buy from them? or just ignore them?

This is one of the saddest realities today. Some children don't even know what a childhood really like. At a very young age, they are exposed to different kinds of problem that a child must not worry. I realized how lucky I am to experience everything and have a very memorable childhood.

These past few days, I became observant on the things around me. I wonder what does each one of us thinks? I wonder if each of us is living our life to the fullest. Out of all of this, I came to wonder about all my encounters in this society.

Whenever I go to town, I will see different stalls with different merchandise. Alongside of these stalls are some "beggars" asking for some coins and food. Actually, I don't want to call them "beggars". Our English teacher once taught us that instead saying "beggars" or "poor", we can say "less fortunate". At first, I don't get it, but as time goes by, as I continuously observe things, I definitely get what it's meant.

Being called "poor" makes your life poorer. It's what I realized. When someone call us poor, we will suddenly feel ashamed and embarrassed. Sometimes, this embarrassment hinder us from reaching what's on the top.

Whenever I see children asking for coins at the street, I actually avoid them. Why? Because somehow, I am afraid. I am not confident enough to face them. I feel like if they come to me and I didn't give them anything, it will be my fault if they starve themselves. But I'm not doing it every single time. But what I make sure is that I won't give them money. If I have something to eat, that's what I will give.

My mother told me that I should not give them money because they might just use it on some unimportant things. If I give them food, one thing is for sure - they will survive another day of their life.

But one time happened when I have no choice but to them money. But it's not a child, it's a parent. I was outside the church when this girl came to me with her baby on her arms. She asked me if I can give them money because they have no money to go home. I was hesitant at first because I might just get scammed. But at the end, I still give her money.

Actually, I don't have any coin that time because I already gave it to the other couple who also asked for money. I gave the lady Php 50.00 or $1.00 which is already a big amount to give. I was expecting to see a wide smile on her face after receiving the money, but I was shock when she asked for more. I was startled that I don't even say a word for a second. After a while, I told her that I also needed money for my fare going home. I really don't have much that time. When the lady leave, I asked forgiveness to Lord because I wasn't able to help them a lot. But I know, I still able to help a little.

There also a time when a little boy came to me and asked me if I can buy a box of sampalok from him worth 30 pesos. I was hesitant first but then I realized that If I buy from him, he can go home early as possible. And I admire him because at a young age, he manage to sell things instead of just asking for money. At least he is working compared to others.

But these things don't happen on children only, it comes in different ages. I even saw old women who's struggling in selling roasted peanuts. It hurts me to see them roaming around despite this pandemic. I even questioned their families on why they are letting their grandparents roam around today. I was envy that their grandparents are still alive. If my grandparents are still here today, I will surely spoil them everyday.

So, if you are still with your family, make sure to give them the best. Never let them experience what they don't deserve. I know that life is really hard, but with helping hands, I know everything is possible.

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2 years ago


I'am a soft-hearted person too about that matters. I encountered a lot of people like that yung mga nanay na may dalang bata, mga bata na nanghihimgi, nagbibigay ako pag merun ako . peru pili lang mas nabibigyan ko yung mga disable person o kayay matatanda kasi deserve talaga nilang mabigyan. Sa work ko ngayun, may mga bata na ganyan peru what I did kinaibigan ko nlng. binibigyan ko nlng kung tingin ko gutom talaga kasi a lot of times ko na rin nakita na tinatapon nila yung mga tinapay na binibigay, or maybe sa isang bata lng yun na mahilig talaga magtapon ng pagkain.

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2 years ago

Minsan nakakalungkot din kapag binibigyan mo na, tapos magrereklamo pa. Minsan din may mga nanghihingi na sobrang healthy naman. Yung kaya namang magtrabaho. Nakakalungkot lang. 🥺

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2 years ago

Yan nga concern ko ehh malakas namn yung malaki kasi kita nila sa ganyan. Kaya mas mabuti na para nila manghinge nlng

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2 years ago