Just Graduated 👩‍🎓 (Part 1)

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I would like to start this article with this picture of mine. I was so proud of myself as I reached this end of the schooling. It was never easy! It took me years to come to this end and it was all worth it.

This journey won't be possible without these people who constantly give me the support, love, care, and understanding I badly needed as I step on this path.

with the Fam! ❤️

To everyone who took part on my journey, especially to my family, Mama, Papa, Kuya Ton, Kuya Tophe, Cheche, Ate Cams , and Bunso, thank you for believing in me. This is all for you. I love you all. ❤️

with Anty Jhing 😇

To Anty Jhing, who gave me the support, financially and physically, thank you for being my only resort when things get tough.

To Anty Vicky, even though you are far away from us, we are so thankful for everything you have given to us. Always take care there. See you soonest!

Goodluck future Engineers! 👩‍🎓

To my best buddies, Cha and Jem, thank you for all the help!! I love you both, Future AB Engineers!!

Go Future Engineers!!!

To all my classmates and friends who offered help and shared their knowledge, I am truly grateful!

To my partner, Love, thank you Love for all your help and efforts. Thankyou for the surprise! No more words! I love you. 🥰❤️

I love you both! ❤️

To my bestfriends since high school, Bf and Panget, thank you for giving me the break and "air" I need during those stressing times. You both know how to handle me whenever I am about to give up. I love you always!!!

To my FAMILIA COMMUNITY family, especially Mama Bes, Nanay Nids, Ma'am Oyardo , Ma'am Oriola, and Ninang Madam Carbillon, thank you for the spiritual support you are all sharing with me. I won't be able to surpass this without your guidance and love. Let's all continue sharing the words of God!

And to those who weren't mention but took a big part, I owe you this success! 🥰

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