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I remembered this story way back when I was just starting to serve in church. This was once told during our seminar and it really inspired me. I hope you all enjoy this too.

In a building being built, a group of construction workers like to tease their colleague because he is doing fasting and abstinence during Fridays. He is a faithful believer of the One supreme being. But the man did not bother to pay attention to them which made them more eager to tease him.

"Why are you doing that on Fridays? Don't you like the food every Friday? Hahahaha you are just starving yourself. There is no God!" they mocked.

He is a Roman Catholic believer. Doing fasting and abstinence during Fridays is a devotion of Catholics. He believes God more than anyone else.

After several months have passed, the building is finished. The workers then parted their ways.

After how many years, the man's devotion didn't change. He can't go to church because of personal reasons but he's faith is deep. One day, he finally decided to go to church.

He attended the morning mass. The mass has ended and he is about to go when the priest came to him.

"Remember me, my friend?" asked the priest.

"I'm sorry Father, but I don't remember you. I think I just met you now." said the man confused

"I am also a construction worker before. We are in the same company. I saw you all throughout. I saw how deep your faith is. They always tease you, but that was an eye-opener to me. You gave me hope. You became a good model to me. You are my angel. And as a thanksgiving, I surrender my self to the Lord and be His servant. It is all because of you. Thank you my dear friend!" said the priest with a teary-eyed.

The man cannot believe what he just found out. His faith grew stronger and stronger and no one can break it.

God works in ways we thought is impossible. He is always here for us. He sent his angels to guide us.

How about you? Have you met an angel?

Good Evening!

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