Exhausted life of a young mind

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3 years ago

If we will take a thorough look on what's the generation today is all about, I'm sure each of us will say - what a big difference versus our generation before. (Labas Batang 90's). Even with the smallest things, we are far differ from them. Let's give a detailed article with that one.

Generation before

I still remembered when I was in my elementary days, after school, we will play different outdoor games such as lastiko, jolen, teks, tachian, tumbang preso, jumping rope, tirigbasan, iriguan bola/tsinelas, aragawan base, luksong baka, siripaan bidol, etc. You may not sound familiar with those because it was from a Bicol dialect. The end of class is about 4:45, and by 5pm, I am already home. After I removed my palda and change my uniform into "house" clothes, I will immediately grab a bread and go outside to play. Sometimes, my mother will scold me because I didn't have a proper meryenda. In just a span of 1-2 hours, we can already play different sets of games. I'm a girl but my playmates are boys. Hahaha. It always saddens me if the night comes because night means "going home". My father won't allow us to be outside at around 7pm, and always want us to be at the table for the dinner. After dinner, we will watch the TV and curfew is 9pm. By 9pm, we should already be in bed, unless tomorrow is Saturday.

During Saturday, I will play and play and play. Even if it's raining, we will still play. Those days were the best childhood days. I always love it when my mom is not home - no one will scold me hahahaha But it was exciting whenever my mom is arriving and have a pasalubong to me, since I am the bunso before. Yeaaaah the mentality is that, if you are the bunso, you have a pasalubong.

During also my childhood days, never in my life I thought about getting a boyfriend at a young age. Yes, I do have my crush but only until then. Also, we don't have our own cellphone that time. I don't even know how to use it as well as computer. I am a total ignorant. But it doesn't define my childhood days. If given the chance to be a child again, I would love to be at it again.

Generation today

What I will say is my pure opinion based on what I see and what I observed.

The first thing we can notice in a teenager today, is that they are matured more that they look. Example, there is a young girl whom I thought is the same age as me but then, found out that she was just a 16-year old girl. 5 years gap but she's more matured than me. Teenagers especially girls, are wearing their make-ups, have their hair rebonded, etc.

What terrifies me is that they are already into a love-matter relationship. I have seen young girls crying over break-ups, disloyalties, trust issues and such. They are already into that kind of matured world which is not appropriate for them. They should enjoy their childhood as much as they can, but seems to be that the only thing that enjoys them the most is their cellphones.

Social medias like facebook, instagram, tiktok, and youtube are just some of the most famous soc med today. I cannot even imagine a new born baby has already his own facebook account! There's nothing wrong with having these accounts but we should know the limitations of these.

If you will notice my title, it says Exhausted life of a young mind. I am referring this to this new generation. At their young ages, they are already exhausted with their life. Some of them are not enjoying it anymore, which sometimes causes them to do something fatal. They are tied between expectations and realizations. They have the mentality such as I need to do this, I need to be like this, I should be like this kind of mentality. They are influenced by what others feel and think towards others.

Exhausting life as it seems, but not with our young ones. My own sister experienced it too, and we were shocked. We found something that she did that made us mad at her. We let her explain her side and admitted that she has been living through our expectations and that she was suffocated. We don't honestly know where the part of our guidance made her feel that way. She was the youngest and the most favorite one. She gets all the yummy foods, clothes, pasalubong, etc. She was a total spoiled brat. That's why I get mad also at her for thinking that way.

But sooner, I have realized our fault also. Maybe she was just pressured. But we didn't really pressured her. We told her that she can just do what she's good at. And today, we are all good and settling for the best. We try our best to make her feel that she's not alone in her only battle.

What we can do is just believe in them. Maybe their minds are still young, but I know they know what they are doing. Trusting them is the key. Knowing they have someone who trusts them will surely make them feel motivated to do things they wanted to do.

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For the lead image, the source is from Unsplash :)

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3 years ago


I love this. There is really a big difference between the old generation and today's. Maybe because gadgets are more spread so youngsters are exposed to social media at a young age. I am sure it has to be one of the reasons. So parents should take part in making right timings for child to expose in gadgets and internet. I personally had a phone only in my second year of COLLEGE. LOL.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the upvote! 😍

Yes. Teenagers today are so exposed in gadgets that even at a young age they are already wearing eye glasses. Sometimes, parents can't also control their child, which is a sad reality. 🥺

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3 years ago