Division between Global North and Global South

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As this world continue to grow, the demands and problems have been growing and rising too. One of which is the global governance between the global North and global South. This north and south countries are considered as a socioeconomic and political divide. There is a huge contrast between these two especially when it comes in economic welfare, political stability, and culture among states that creates dilemma for the international community.

This is a simple illustration of the division between south and north where north is developing, while south is still dependent to north

            The division between these two economies have greatly affected the cooperation wherein different states compel them to eschew cooperation. The economic differences between highly developed economies and the rest of the world also deters cooperation. In addition, social difference between North and South create cultural clashes that breed violence and adds difficulty to forming international norms. South countries have suffered many economic crises while north countries don’t have many serious economic problems. Also, because global north countries are better developed and more advanced, they are more advances technologically speaking. This differences in technological aspects has separated greatly the north and south countries. While the north is continuously rising when it comes to their technologies, south countries have no choice but to depend in corporations from north maybe because south countries were lacking when it comes with resources. On the other hand, while north is focusing on their advancement of technology, south countries’ focus was on agriculture. The dependency of south to north have also affected the cultures of south wherein they become vulnerable to cultural penetration that happens when a foreigner from north introduce their culture and try to replace it instead of the culture of the country. This dependency also causes dualism and colonialism.

            While the global North economies are sustained, the global South economies are yet to find their feet. Thus, living conditions in north are far off better than the global south – the north is wealthy, technologically advanced, politically stable and aging as their societies tend toward zero population growth, the opposite is found among global South countries. However, international leaders can solve these issues by promoting global equity. For global governance to achieve its fullest potential, the world must first address the inequality of states.

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