Blessing in Disguise

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1 year ago

As I was saying on my last article, my next article would be about the result of our board examination. But please know that this article is not on my schedule and that I just wanted to write what I am feeling right now.

Few hours from now, the result will come out and I really don't know what to say or what to react or what to do. I am in the middle of nowhere. You know the feeling when you wanted to be afraid over the result but then something speaks to you silently saying "you don't need to worry anymore"? I was in that kind of situation right now. I can't express my emotions properly that I just wanted to sleep, watch videos, read books, or play with my phone, or even stared at the laptop screen waiting for the result to come out.

Right now, I am imagining things. Like if I really passed this examination, I would be so happy that I might shout out of joy! And I will really thank God and will visit His home as soon as possible! This is the biggest favor I could have ask to Him and I am praying that He will grant me this one. I believe in Him because I have witnessed all His works and blessings to me. I don't regret or have any doubts.

Honestly, I'm not confident about myself passing the exam 'cause I know what my capabilities are, but I know that God is always in control and I know that if this is in His will, it will definitely happen. I am now preparing myself on whatever the result will be. I honestly don't know how to accept it if I didn't pass, but I know that God will guide me. That's why, whether the result is in favor or not, I know I have a better place to go. Maybe it won't be what my plans are, but His.

Writing today, I somehow released my frustrations. Talking about it made me feel nervous but at the same time, excited and light-hearted. It feels like a burden has lifted upon me.

Right now, I am just praying for what is best. I know that everything happens for a reason and that, each one of us has already our own story written by God's own hands. ❤️

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