Bicol University Best Undergraduate Thesis (BUBUT) Experience ❤️

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Bicol University (BU) is one of the most prestigious universities in the Bicol Region. It's not easy to be enrolled here. There are some requirements needed as well as entrance examinations. Some are quite lucky to enter, some didn't.

Some of those few students who has given the opportunity to be a student of BU include me. I wasn't expecting anything after the entrance exam I took when I was on my Senior High years. Actually, I did not study at all. I wasn't mentally prepared for the exam. I just took it, and leave it be.

To my surprise, I was on the top 14 on my first choice course, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (BSABE). I didn't expect it at all since I was not ready and I didn't give my all. Entering BU was one of my great achievements in my academic life.

Every since I was in my first years in college, the moment I heard about this Bicol University Best Undergraduate Thesis (BUBUT), I told myself that someday, I will be a participant on the event. I'm aware that those who have the best thesis study are given the chance to participate so I told myself that I will get ready for this.

On our 3rd year in college, we are told to think and visualize any possible thesis titles and topics. I thought that we are just going to invent machines, but it's not as easy as it is. You really need to widen your scope because as modernization rises, mechanization also increased its development, making it harder and harder to develop possible machines.

But because of the sudden surge of COVID-19, the higher years was not able to finish their study because of the lockdown. So, instead of thinking another machines, the department decided to just let us modify the machines so that it can be of use someday, instead of leaving it there and become rusty.

And that's how we choose our study "Performance Evaluation of the BUCAF Multi-Commodity Washer and Dryer with Water Filtration System". After several trials, fabrications, modification and evaluation, we have finally defended our thesis, and produced 3 copies of hardbound thesis.

Then one time, our professor announced to us that we are one of the participants in the upcoming BUBUT, which really made me extremely happy and excited. This is my dream, I am walking towards it right now. I was really at the peak of happiness so I really did my best just to be prepared and ready for it.

The time for BUBUT has come. Before the day, I was really trying so hard to familiarize every single slide on our presentation because I was chosen to represent our study, which is a pleasure and pressure to me. I was not good at talking in front of every one, but they trusted me on this so I have nothing to worry about.

During the start of my presentation, I stutter a little. But after seconds of talking, I found the confidence that's been hiding on me for a very long time. I was able to deliver our presentation peacefully. And we also answered every single queries from the panels. One of the panels said that we are really good. And that made my heart skip a beat!

The awarding came and my heart beat really fast. I honestly expect that we will win since I have saw the performances of our co-participants. We really have an edge.

Then finally, when the emcee announced the winner, we jumped out of joy and excitement! WE DID IT! WE WON THE BEST PAPER AWARD!!! We finally did it.


This was taken before the official start of the program

Chadaaaan!!! Congrats Washer-Dryer Team! All our hardwork has finally paid off. Cheers to more opportunities! 🥰

Congrats Self! You finally got that Bicol University Pin! 🥰

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