Agricultural Processing

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This is not the usual article I publish but I badly needed your opinion about this. I hope you can help me...

I am currently working on my Industry Immersion Program and my week 2 plan is about the Agricultural and Bio-Processing Engineering. We are required to think about a certain commodity we want to process using our invented machines. However, we are already in a more modernized generation and technologies are already advanced. I'm having a trouble looking and thinking about something new. Huhuhuhuhu The struggle of students - no conceivable ideas.

This is my week 2 workplan.
The format that our prof gave us.

So what I should accomplish is a new idea about a new invention. For example, I want to process a sweet potato. I will invent a machine that washes and at the same time, dries the sweet potato. Or a machine that cracks a pili. Or machine decorticator. Like that.

To know more about bioprocessing, here is a definition I got from internet.

I hope you can help me out here. Thank youuuuu!

For the source, just click the images. :)

For the lead image, credits to the free image in Unsplash.

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