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I was tasked to write a 250-word essay with regards to the question “How Important is the Study of Machine and Design in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Field?” and ended up writing more than the 250-word requirement based on the criteria of grading.

Time is passing quickly, and technology is constantly evolving. These two innovations appear to be related to each other that they must exist for the same reason: to meet people's ever-increasing demands. As a student of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, I believe there is more to today's technologies. To be more particular, I'm referring to agricultural and biosystems machines, as these are the focus of my career. Despite the difficulty of adjusting to the new way of learning, I became intrigued about how a machine works and what the specifications and conditions are for it to consistently deliver a sufficient quantity of products for society.

When designing a machine, we often consider what must happen inside the machine, what mechanics are involved, and how it will function. Taking into account all of these concepts and variables, we are now considering the design of the machine we intend to build. In general, machine design is involved with the construction of power sources and functional mechanisms. It is the single most significant task, focusing on the machine's mechanical behavior, elements, and production procedures.

Machine designers frequently spend the majority of their time and effort on concerns of applications and functions, usually under decreasing space requirements. That is, the designer must always strive to satisfy the customer's desires in terms of adaptation to the surroundings, as well as to lessen size limitations. Other considerations are not necessarily less important, but they are secondary in the sense that form and function are normally fixed in the designer's mind first. Appropriate layouts must confirm that the proposed item will not take up space already reserved for other objects, that it will be able to reach or attach to other sections of the system, and that it can be assembled. Because design is the initial step toward manufacturing, potential designers should have some background in manufacturing and industrial engineering. As a result of the gap that always exists between what industry would like to produce and what is now practicable, it is a demanding operation. The most successful designers are those who possess the required skills and attributes to excel in any of the associated areas.

I already wrote an almost 400-word essay, but still wasn’t able to give the exact answer to the question. My mind is flying somewhere again. I tried and tried until I ended up gathering my thoughts and writing this as my answer:

The significance of machine design in the field of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is to allow people to engage in and comprehend the foundations of designing the most commonly used parts, elements, and units of diverse agricultural and biosystems machines. It is necessary to research and understand the various components of a machine in order to create a machine design that corresponds to agricultural and biosystems engineering standards.


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