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3 years ago

I got to this point in life where barely anything matters anymore. I don't think it's because I'm hating life, in contrary, I think it is more about me loving my life and recognizing who and what to prioritize.

Imagine being someone who tried to please everybody, someone who struggled to juggle everything all at once. That life could be so exhausting, not unless you are someone with superhuman strengths that can withstand all that internal turmoil coupled with external pressure.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that realizing who and what matters most to you will lead you to a much more simpler life. One that doesn't make you feel bad for not being readily available to act on something for someone.

Choosing to prioritize yourself and your peace isn't something that you should be guilty of. Trust your own gut and believe that by doing what brings you peace will lead you to peace.

CUT OFF everyone who bothers you and lean towards people and situations that will understand your choices, supports you and would guide and lead you if ever you stray from what you want.

Don't ever feel sorry for choosing to be you. Never apologize for being your natural blessed and amazing self. Remember that someone would always look highly of you and that someone does LOVE YOU.

YOU DO YOU people! and in the same way let others be their true selves around you. Let us eliminate judgement and let us prevail in understanding.



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