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2 years ago
  • Your eyes lingered a little too much.

    Too much that I felt every second of it.

    Every moving second felt like an eternity.

    An eternity I would be paying for in my memory.

  • Maybe I'm scared of falling asleep 'cause I'll wake up to a reality where you no longer want me.

  • Never have I ever felt better and worse at the same time on the day I decided to leave you.

  • I held on too tight and choked you.

    I held on too loose and lost you

    I held on just right and still you left me

    I never held on to anyone else cause you scarred me.

  • The longer I spend time talking to you

    the more I crave knowing everything about you.

  • Rekindled love can be beautiful and poisonous in either forms.

  • I took a step back when I heard your name

    It sounded like danger that my heart can't bear.

    I built my walls up to prevent you from coming in.

    Not being aware I'd fall from the same walls I made.

  • Where would you run to if the person you're running from is the same person you call your home?

Thank you for reading. LOVE LOTS. this is a collection of my short thoughts or poems that I want to share in this community.

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2 years ago

So meaningful naman pakneeeer. Why so sawi us HAHAHAHA

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2 years ago

andami nating pinagdadaanan hahahahaha

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2 years ago

Dba HAHAHAHA ligaw ligaw na

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2 years ago