She Used To Be Mine (a poem)

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3 years ago

-inspired by the song of Sara Bareilles

I looked at the mirror and realized something is missing.

I don't really know what, but I'm sure, something is missing.

My eyes gazed from head to toe, Oh please tell me, what am I missing?

I stopped and stared long into my eyes, I then figured what I was missing.

There is a girl in front of me, pretty, exposed with a smile

Her lips are curved upward, rose colored, such a beautiful smile.

However, I still see it, something's wrong with that smile.

Her eyes are empty, like a blank soul disguised with a smile.

She tried to hide it, with her new hair, you'd think she's better.

She faked it till she made it. No clue that she's not getting better.

I see her efforts, I see what she wants, but is it really for the better?

If time came and she saw her eyes, I doubt she'll think she's better.

I remember a girl who once felt imperfect, and yes! she used to be mine.

She would hate herself but love everyone around her. Oh yes! she used to be mine

In her eyes the world is an adventure, a place of fun and mystery. It's true, she used to be mine.

A girl full of flaws, wonder and insecurities. A girl imperfect, but at least she used to be mine.

  • Hi, guys! I hope you like this poem. I am in love with this song and I just felt inspired all of the sudden.

  • Here is a link to the video of the song in case you haven't heard it already.

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Wow! For real? Love this poem

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3 years ago

Aww. Thank you 😊

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3 years ago

Why so galeeeeng😍💛

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3 years ago

Thank you mamii

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