Beauty Standards

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3 years ago

Aesthetics are ruled based on symmetry of facial features.
Needless to say a persons facial features should be in proportion with one another.
Westerns spends hours and money to get tanned.
Asians scout every pharmacy for the next whitening product.

Body shaming is prevalant online and in real life.
What's worse? Women bringing down other women.
The irony of women fighting for all bodies to be considered beautiful while talking abiut another woman who is trying to oull of a crop top despite her not so conventional belly.

Is it wrong for me to say that beauty is dictated by mass media, creating impossible ideals? Is it wrong to conclude that it is an everchanging standard for one to aim?

I can say that sooner or later your beauty will be the ideal beauty. So chase your own beauty. Believe that you are beautiful and that your face is one of a kind.

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Thank you @kli4d for the support. 😊

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