A Little Hope - a poem

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2 years ago

Flood streamed pass their windowpane

Sunlight shone, clueless of rain.

Roofs are fled by the strongest wind.

Friends are met with smiles that ringed.

Phones have died, the power is down.

Calls were made, connections a frown.

Food is scarce, no more than one.

Unli meals meant having fun

Life was taken in a blink of an eye.

Life was lived with every "hi!"

Hopeless hearts was all that was left.

Selfless I feel to help at my best

A little hope they wish to have

A little gift in the form of love.

Join me now in this step to help

To reach out and give a part of my self.

  • Okay , so I hope everyone is here on read cash is safe and secure in their own houses. If not, I will make sure to include you in my prayers.

  • I have been devastated seeing the news coverage about my fellow country men in region 2 specifically in Cagayan and Tuguegarao. I have been wishing to help but didn't know how.

  • If you have the time please pray for everyone who needs help. Thank you in Advance.

UPDATE: sorry about this. I was told that fund raising in Read.Cash is not allowed. I will still donate the prior upvotes and add my own small amount.

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There is an option in GCash wherein you can send your donations to them directly. You better check your app.. I just saw it from a friend's article..

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Thank youuu. Every cent counts. Will post updates soon

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