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Tipping system to BCH developers

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1 year ago

Recently I have seen so many responses to the development fund for BCH developers. Don't want to delve too much into the PROS and CONS, perhaps many have already discussed, here I just wanted to provide some alternatives that may or may not work... or perhaps these have already been discussed or implemented, so pls disregard if that is the case.

Let me just go straight to the points:

There would be two tipping mechanisms:

1. Miners' tips:

  • Here a miner can choose to tip a particular developer, maybe based on the public address used in the BCH node software. The miner can choose to send directly to a specific developer's wallet - the software should be designed in a way that the miner should not send the tip to themself, or let the software choose to a random wallet based on currently active BCH node software

  • The random should take into account of the number of node currently operated by each developers' software, so the higher the node, the better of chance to receive a tip

  • The tip's ratio can be set at minimum as compulsory (maybe 1%?) so that it won't hurt much the miner's profitability, but also generate a minimum viable revenue to the developers to cover for development cost. And this is more encouraging the developers to keep providing their service

  • The miner can also choose to tip a higher ratio at their will and for a specific developer(s) that they support

  • There is no tertiary org or middle man between the miner's tips and developers whatsoever, the developers can use the tips to do whatever they want, of course to increase the miner's satisfaction and the value of the whole ecosystem and the currency's market values.

2. User's tips:

Similar to the tipping mechanism with the miners, with a few key differences:

  • The tip is non-mandatory. The user can choose to tip at any amount or nothing at all. Default is NONE, but with a UX that points out the feature so the user can easily choose to tip (maybe a preconfigured of $0.1, $0.5, $1, $2, $5 when sending a transaction?)

  • The user can also let the software to choose a developer to tip for, or he/she can choose a specific developer to tip

  • There should be a way for the user to validate the wallet's address of the developers in the wallet vs the published one, so they can ensure the tip goes to the right one

  • There should be a limit to the tip, e.g. $5, to avoid user's mistakes and cause bad image with the tipping system.

Pls comment if any point is not valid or there should be anything be added.

Let's small drops of water to make a big wave!


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Written by   62
1 year ago
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For the miner's part, it maybe better to call it licensing instead of tipping?

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1 year ago

Good work, good reward. Developers of BCH must be rewarded in line with what they offer in order to boost the development and popularity of BCH.

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1 year ago