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What is as a Social Media?

Social Media is a computer based technology in which where a person shares his / her ideas, life events or on whatever he / she wants to share.

What are th examples of Social Medias


FACEBOOK is the most popular social media. Almost all of the people have his / her own account, others even have more than one account. Here, you can share your thoughts just by posting status if what is it that is on your mind. You can upload pictures here, you can also post videos just like other vloggers do. They can earn just by posting videos just make the owner that the owner has monetized his / her account. The platform also has a feature where you can post your story during the day, will it be pictures, status or also videos and after 24 hours, it will be automatically disappears.


INSTAGRAM is also a popular one but unlike facebook, facebook still have lots of users compared to Instagram. If you can write a status, upload pictures and videos in facebook, here in INSTAGRAM is another story. In Instagram you can only post pictures and videos. Instragram also have a feature of posting your "stories" during the day, and will also be deleted after 24 hours. If a person have both Instagram and Facebook and it's link with one another, you have the desicion to whether share if what's on your story in IG will also be in Facebook and vice versa.


TWITTER is also same with facebook, you can post a status or pictures but the certain act is called "tweet", when someone shares what you tweeted then it is called "retweet" I can't explain more on this because I barely use my twitter account, I only made an account when there is another platform of where we can earn bitcoin cash.


YOUTUBE is a type of social media wherein a blogger / vlogger creates a video depending on what content he / she wants to make. A content creator can also earn in this site if his / her account is monetized and meet the certain requirement of subsribers and hours viewed in his / her video.


TIK TOK was originated in China, wherein you can share your videos like dancing or acting or sharing informations in the form of videos.


LYKA is a type of social media wherein you can share photos just like Instagram, the only difference of the two is in LYKA, the user can earn money, with every single steps the user make.

Ways on how to earn in LYKA

When the user uploaded a picture then automatically he / she will earn a certain amount of money.

When someone max rated his / her picture, then that's another way of earning money.

When he / she max rated another account, then he / she will also earn money, but there is a minimum of only 5 pictures per day that a certain user needs to rate.

*The app has a feature called "LYKA MALL" and it is another form of online shopping exclusively for LYKA users, where the user has the option to spend his / her earnings there.


NOISE.CASH is also a type of social media just like twitter.

READ.CASH is a platform wherein the user needs to write original content article.

But unlike those social medias mentioned above, and is only known by a few. and have similaraties because just by using these two, you can earn, payouts here are in the form of cryptocurrency particularly Bitcoin Cash.


1. You can easilly socialized with other people just by using cellphones, computer or laptops.

2. You can also earn is some other kinds of social media

3. Some people uses social media in the form endorsing their business to be well knowned in public.


1. Identity theft

A user should not disclose all of his / her identifications on public because it will invade his / her privacy. And worst case is that, someone will use his / her identity to create a new account and will start to do something not good.


There are a lot of cyber crime. One will be, someone asks for money on someone by using fake identities.

Bullying can also be in the form of social medias. In which the one who has been bullied will be affected by his / her mental health.


Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the user on how he / she behaves. Everything that is too much is bad, as they say. If you use the platform correctly, then it is good but sad to say some people uses social media for bad intentions. Every user must have to take an extra care in order for their lives will not put to danger since a lot of crimes now are done with the help of technologies.

Kids nowadays, spends too much on social medias, if you who is reading this has kids, give them guidance and check them from time to time if what are they doing to avoid problems in the future.

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