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Are you living a better life?

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1 month ago

Having a better life is what people all wanted. Being stress free in their lives but in reality we really can not avoid stress sometimes.

But how to know that you are living your life worth it?

These are some signs that you are living a better life

1.  Employed / Businessman

- Having a job or business means that you have a continous on flow of money, in which you are no longer worried if where will you get your source of living. But if we will compare the two, having a business is far away better than having just a job. As a businessman, you will just need to hire a manpower for you to be able to have inflows of money. Being just employed means you litterally are the one who works for your own money, for you to be able to have income, you need to go to work physically and once you got sick then you don't have the capability to attend to work then you can't be paid for that day. So you need to take care of your health, in order to have income.

2. Paid bills

- One of the reasons why people needs to earn money, it is because of the unending bills. People work in order for them to pay on whatever bills they need to pay, whether that is electricity, water, internet bills or house rents. And it is very accomplishing once all of this have been paid.

3. Eating three times a day

- A person is lucky enough if he / she has a capacity to feed his / her family or only himself / herself if living alone, three times a day, a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people just can not even afford to buy meals to the extent that they skip some meals for them to save some for the next meal. If someone still manages to each merienda then you are really lucky.

4. Having a goal

- Simply having goals means that you are determined to change your life for the better. Some people just do not even have one and just going with the flow. Goals should be chased, the moment you set a goal, you must have the perseverance to accomplish them. No matter how difficult you will encounter, just do not give up. If you fail, then that will only means that you are trying and mistakes are not hindrances for achievements but considered a part of it. Mistakes makes you wiser, and one day, you will thank yourself for not giving up.

5. You have a close friend

- Having a friend, even if it is only one or only a few, is already a blessing. There, you can share your thoughts with, you have a one call away. Having a friend is fulfilling to your mental health and knowing that someone is always on your back. Others have lots of friend but are they always there for you if ever you have problems?, Maybe yes, there are only a few of them, but not all of them. If choosing friends you musg consider what you call " quality over quantity"

If you've got one, then you are lucky.

6. Others judgements doesn't affect you at all

- Living your life with your own terms and does not care about people's judgement but without negatively affected on your ways will make your life peaceful.

We just can not avoid people that whenever you are not doing anything or you are doing something, people around you will still have something to say.

So, live your life, do whatever you think will make your life better and never mind what others have on their mind about you.

7. Does not hesitate in asking for help

- Asking for help does not mean you are weak but it means that not everything is all in your capacity. No one is an island, remember that, do not let pride get along the way when you really need help. People whom you asked for help will feel that their lives has really that on purpose and they will think that they are also living their life worth it.

8. Material things are not the best things in our life

- There are more important things a person should possess other than material things. Other examples of non material things that a person should have:





9. You've been through a lot

- Life experiences are considered as the best teacher. Learnings from them can not be learned in school. Life experiences makes you wise and makes you a better person. Life may hit you hard but in return you will become tough. Life may be tough but keep in mind that you are tougher than others think. You will never learn something if you did not experience anything. Failures and mistakes are just normal but doing them twice is no longer valid, then you are doing it on purpose. Failures and mistakes should be treated as stepping stones for the betterment of ourself. Failures and mistakes will either make or break you, it is all up to you.

10. You have Investments

Having an investments shows that you are succeeding in your life. It shows that you are financially stable since you still managed to have investments.


Except for the money that you are spending for your everyday needs, you still manage to set aside some of your money for savings.

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Written by   34
1 month ago
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