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Doge is a joke that can teach BCH a lot about marketing

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5 months ago

Doge is a joke.  That’s not me hating on Doge.  Doge is great. But the premise of Doge is that it’s fun, it shouldn’t take itself too seriously, it should at least in part, be a joke.  And yet it has proved to be a fantastically successful joke. Its market cap has surpassed that of all other jokes ever (I made that up, but can you disprove it?).  In fact, its market cap has passed that of many non-jokes, like BCH.  If there’s one thing we should take seriously about Doge, it’s what it can teach other cryptos about marketing.

BCH takes itself very seriously.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I think it largely due to the fact that people who take crypto very seriously are often drawn to BCH. BCH was born out of contention.  It stayed true to the mission. But one thing that should be apparent by now is that when it comes to winning over normies, ‘serious’ doesn’t cut it.  It bores them.  You can see them glazing over as you talk. 

Where preaching about censorship-resistance, crypto-politics and good tech have failed, doggy memes have succeeded.  Accept this.  Embrace it, and learn to use it.  BCH needs to be more fun. It needs more memes. Of course stuff like this needs to be organic. There is nothing more cringy than a manufactured meme that’s trying too hard (anyone remember the whole Bitshevik drama?).

Spend less time moaning about the failings of BTC and the lightning network and more time showing people how much fun crypto can be. Sneak the censorship resistance in when they’re not looking.  No one is going to be won over because of you telling them why you think BTC has a flawed scaling solution. They are going to be won over because you photoshop a BCH logo on to a video of a goat headbutting a cow with Janet Yellens face on it.

This approach is quite well suited to BCH. Chaintip,, and memo/member means we can reward the good memes when we see them. Let’s put the army of tip farms who seem to congregate here to work! You don’t need the coding skills of a programmer or the people skills of an adoption promoter. You just need a few sats worth of creativity, Memegenerator, and a sense of humour.

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Written by   38
5 months ago
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