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6 months ago

Good idea? Bad idea? Already a thing?

The pitch

Basically, you should have the option of creating an NFT on BCH for an article you write on Read.Cash. If you choose this, then all earnings from that article go to the address holding the NFT.  This way, you can sell your Read.Cash NFTs on something like The NFT token purchaser will then earn all subsequent tips received for the associated article.

The pros

An actual use case for NFTs!

It would encourage people to write good content on Read.Cash.

Some people are good at writing articles, some people are good at promoting them. It’s a different skill set.  Let the writer write and then sell their article to the promoter who can promote it for the income.

I believe something like this could raise interest in Read.Cash and NFTs on BCH.

The cons

Could be technically challenging to set up?

Could it make things more gameable?

Could there be legal issues?

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Written by   39
6 months ago
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An amazing thought you present here.
Carry that a bit further to NFT's for videos, songs, anything
based on sites which stream stuff for tips.

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6 months ago