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DIY - Hanging Some Ikea Shelf Units

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2 months ago

Hello Fellow DIYers!

This is my first post in the Hive DIY community and as a committed DIYer, I am happy to be posting today. I try to live by the motto, why pay someone to do something when you can do it yourself?

A few electric shocks later and I still believe this. Today I will share with you my job finishing hanging some Ikea cupboards. The great thing about this range of cupboards is the quite flexible way it hangs on the wall with a metal rail.

To hang the units, you need your own screws and wall plugs. I like to use the maximum strength as I don't want things falling off the wall. Good quality screws and wall plugs I usually buy from the brand Fischer. The screws I've used today are Spax, which are also high quality and you won't have any issues with them rounding off which is a pet peeve of mine.

The first step with any project is of course to go to my workstation and gather the required tools. Once they are placed at the site of operation, the fun can start.

Here I want to add some hanging cupboards in a decorative style. The first thing I do is decide how high I want them and chose my middle point. Once I have this, I can mark off with the template where the first cupboard will go.

As I mentioned, these units are flexible because of the rail, so you can inch them left or right as needed once you get them hung.

I unpack my Bosch power drill. This one can go through concrete quite well. I downgraded to this one as it is great for occasional reinforced concrete work but perfect for brick and cement which is what my house is. The more powerful one was just too powerful for some of my smaller jobs once I got the big jobs done around the house.

I took my drill pieces set because I first will drill the smaller size 6 and then take the bigger one 8. I need a size 8 hole because it is 1 size above the wall plugs that I will use.

I use the rail to find the holes I marked with the template. I ensure that it is level using my spirit level. Once happy, I start drilling. I call my assistant to vacuum whilst I drill for maximum efficiency and less mess.

You can see that next I put the screws roughly in and then use my portable drill to screw in the screws. I made a video of this below:

Once that's in, you can see my progress with 3 of the 4 units hung. The final unit follows the exact same process.

All along the way, I use the spirit level to ensure everything is level and aligned. This is very critical. My wife can spot a wonky shelf a mile away.

With the last unit done, I perform my final checks to make sure everything is level and aligned. Another mission around the house is completed and my wife is happy I spent all that money on those useful power tools.

Thanks for reading.


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Credits: All photos and videos are my own.

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Written by   56
2 months ago
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Good bro.. Step by step on how to fixed cupboard by yourself... Reading this article makes it look easy

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2 months ago

Thanks, it was a fun project!

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2 months ago