Bitcoin the problem solver!

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2 years ago

With the latest news that card payment services for Russia are being stopped including Spotify, Netflix, Google Pay and Apple Pay.  What are everyday people going to do? Use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has stepped in and facilitated the payments so that Russians can continue to use these services.

What other problems has Bitcoin solved recently?

Probably the most important one right now, it has assisted Ukraine's refugees to transport their wealth digitally out of a warzone without suffering massive inflation and losses.  It has also been able to assist them to receive aid and donations to help them during the humanitarian disaster that is currently underway. These instant payments can be received from around the world in most fiat currencies and used to buy aid to help them out.

When Trudeau wanted to stop aid to the Canada Freedom Convoy, they were able to switch to Bitcoin to receive support and help to continue the freedom protest.  People could donate anonymously without fear of having their bank account closed down and being harassed by the Trudeau anti-freedom regime.

Bitcoin can help you against the plans of Dictators

Bitcoin is building up a track record of solving or assisting with problems for the average person. These problems are created by the Elites who want to crush freedom (Trudeau) and start wars (Putin). Bitcoin is there in our time of need and a reliable friend. 

This should be a wake-up call to everyone - make sure to get your crypto wallets setup in case you need them.


Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago


They are planning to destroy Bitcoin, but I don't think they will succeed.

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2 years ago