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26/3/22 Greetings to all, hope everyone is doing fine.

  • I was wondering that I never give my introduction. so let's start

  • My name id is mva304 this is the nickname I used for read cash account so I will prefer to just use it.

  • I am currently a student. I am studying physiotherapy. I am a medical student I love to study related to medical other subjects are not my thing. so I like this field.

  • I like to write in my spare time, But writing is not my first thing so I am trying to improve it.


If I want to study other subjects other than medical I will choose business. I have always wanted to do business. If I find some time in the medical field so I will gladly take admission in business.

In my spare time

When I found some spare time I like to watch Korean dramas. Korean dramas are the best thing after a tiring day or after a tiring weekend. it will help you to relax your mind. My favorite dramas are

  • Vincenzo Cassano

  • The scarlet heart ryeo

  • strong women do do bong song

  • Haunted house

  • Hi bye mama

    These are the best drama I have ever watched

Favorite places to go

There are many favorite places I want to visit once in a lifetime. Everyone wants to travel. and I also like to travel. I think traveling is the best thing to keep your mind and body refreshed. you found peace near nature. it's a strange thing. but I like to do world tours once in a life. The places I want to go are

  • Saudia Arabia

  • Japan

  • Egypt

  • Korea (How can I forget Korea)

  • London

  • California

  • New York

  • Northern Areas

  • Turkey is also my favorite place


I am really not fond of music. But sometimes I listen to some decent songs like some English songs.

There are a few of my favorite kpop singers I like to listen.

But in my spare time, I like to watch BTS videos And listen to their songs. Their songs have special meanings. They are good singers And I found them great motivators. How their fandom increasing day by day. If we see their struggles we can also learn from them if we want to achieve something. Hard work really pays off. Sometimes I only wander in past they have both opportunity and faith in their hard work so now they are successful.

Thank you for reading until the end. That's me THese things I like.

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Hi there @mva304, welcome to the platform. I hope you will enjoy every moment you spend here. btw, nice to meet you..In my spare time, I also love watching Kdramas and sometimes I also watched Cdramas too.

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1 year ago

Thank you for welcoming me. Nice to meet you.

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1 year ago

My pleasure...I'm happy that I stumbled in your article today

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