Everyone is the lead character in their own life.

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Greetings to all, Hope everyone is Doing healthy and fine.

Today I want to write about this topic because I was observing some conditions people want to enter into your life and want to play the main role instead of the role that has been assigned by the nature.

I was observing recently that most of us have mood swings like suddenly we are sad and suddenly we became angrier.

And you have noticed that people will try to talk to you just for their own benefit. Sometimes they think their life will have some kind of entertainment when they want to interfere in someone else life.

Everyone has their own story and in other's life, we are just extras. or extra characters.

Materialistic things

If we talk about materialistic things like money wealth, homes, cars, and other things that are artificial. People are chasing the materialistic things that they didn't even realize that they are interfering in other's life so much that it is hurting them.

We become selfish in the race of getting fame and everything that we desire without trying to wait for them.

If we find out that one of us gets the thing that we also want to have for us we try to snatch it from them by creating unnecessary drama in their lives

So if either it's materialistic things or the special person in someone else life don't try to snatch their good moments from them by attacking your hurtful words on them or try to pull an act.

we should not take away the happy moments from someone else life just to find your mere happiness in them that are not yours in the first place.

try to be humble and lead your own life.

It will be worth it and you will be away from unnecessary problems.

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I totally agree with you. Live and let live. Very good topic, food for thought.

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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

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