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Greetings To all, hope everyone is doing healthy and fine.

Today I want to write about the life-changing decision that has a great impact on it. Most of our life-changing is our careers. choosing the best carrier is really hard especially when you want to choose a profession that has your passion.

Like there are many passionate professions like the medical field, joining the army, becoming a pilot, Constant business trips, Fashion model Actor/Actress, Or becoming a celebrity.

These professions are those that require Great hard work and almost require you most of the time.


Fame/ Money In carrier

When you choose the profession that has fame and a lot of money earlier it was your passion and later it becomes your profession you start earning from it. And you get a lot of fame and soon you become a celebrity. It has pros and cons. I think every profession has its pros and cons. And it depends on how we can handle it. But what makes our profession hide its cons from us is the passion that we devote and work with our heart and get success.

Pros of Fame

There are many pros to having a popular profession.

  • People know about your passion.

  • They admire your work and appreciate it which encourages you to work more devotedly.

  • You can be recognized by people publically.

  • Your signature becomes your autograph.

  • You gain a lot of love.

  • You earn a lot and have a nice apartment, a nice car, a luxurious lifestyle

    Cons of fame

When there is good there s also evil waiting for us to give us strength n a negative way.

  • Some positive people will Admire and appreciates your dong but side by side there are also haters that will hate you.

  • You get into uninvited trouble

  • Fake rumors, exceptional stress. heavy diet, Not having friends,

  • Restriction to meet family

  • Restriction to not go outside for fun.

  • You feel like you live in luxurious hell.

  • You work like a slave that earns money but cannot have the life of normal people.

Normal life

Having a normal life is also a blessing. A stable lifestyle your own business, having your own family, and having enough money to complete your family needs without any stress or restriction is I think a good choice.

You will have the love of your life, your parents your siblings, and The family that gives you warm smile when you come home from work exhausted it's a good experience.



In the end, whatever you choose s your decision. You know better about yourself, no one can make a decision for yourself about what you want to do in life.

Believe in yourself and do what your heart and mind want. be positive and hope for the betterment.


Thank you for reading until the end hope you will like it.

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1 year ago


I don't like fame at all. I hate being stared at so I rather be the no body than being known by a lot of ppl

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1 year ago

Yes, most people want to be successful with nobody recognition instead of fame.

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1 year ago