My experience in a "toxic environment".

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Greetings to all, hope everyone is doing healthy and fine.

Today I want to write about my favourite topic that I want to write about for so long, and I hate this kind of environment.

Your health matters when you are living whether it's physical health or mental health. But I think mental health is more important if a person wants to live a happy and healthy life. We live in an environment where the news gets spread fast. there is no way of stopping those words from spreading when you say them. We are living n a modern era where social media is everyone's first hand. is it a good thing or a bad thing? I think it has both effects but in my point of view, it plays most of the negative role in spreading false rumours. Whether you are a student or a working woman/man you have to face the negativity.

Negative environment

Negative environment or you could say that the people you are living with become negative and make your peaceful environment into an awful one. Let's say I have experience with it. When you are living with your parents and they have a fight the atmosphere of the house becomes toxic. I am not saying that it's general but I think quarrelling is in everyone's household and it gives a huge negative impact on children.

Last week I was in my class and my lecture madam said parents behaviour don't have to affect on student study. But I oppose her idea of thinking because I think if there is a fight in your home whether it is your parent's siblings or any other person or you care about that person. It affects you. Everything and everyone is giving black vibes and there is some kind of awful atmosphere.


Nagging and be disciplined in your own home. Dominant aura of man in a negative way I tentpole it will destroy the happy moment of home and it turns into the depressing and terrifying cell where you cannot do what you want to do you can't speak on own will. Constant strict behaviour and to order the children in front of you do this why you can't do this and this it os irritating. I think all this behaviour converts into a toxic environment...

A toxic environment plays a major role in a person's life. If you cannot study properly you can't think properly you will be gone into some kind of pressurized state.
It will give you a headache. People say that the environment doesn't play important role in someone else's carrier.
If someone is emitting negative energy you will have to face uncomfortably bad behaviour. Some people can't survive in this behaviour because they are sensitive to this environment and they become easily sad.

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Yup the positivity and negativity of our environment affected our lives in a good and bad way. So we need to fill our company with the positivity

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