"Make each day your masterpiece"

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11 months ago

Greetings to all hope everyone is doing healthy and fine.

The image is my own

Time is wealth. Because when we spend our time on the productive things it gives us a lot of courage and motivation to spend time doing something productive.

Why we are not progressing?

  • Nowadays many people are progressing and doing things that they love and in return they are successful and they are satisfied and happy with their life. See around yourself what people are doing. Why they are on above.

  • There are many reasons why we are standing in the same spot as last year.

  • Many people have accomplished their aims or desires they want to achieve then why we are not moving why we are standing still?

  • It's not that we are not trying. We are trying we are working hard but why it's not fruitful.

  • Now the world is progressing, and teenagers are working on their passion and proving themselves what they are capable of.

The main reason we are standing still

  • We think that if we study and complete our graduation or master's degree and find a job then we are settled till then we have to study hard and find a suitable job.

  • If you are a student the main focus is your study but in your free time what are you doing??

  • In their free time in our country, most of the students are using their mobile phones and waste their time. What are they doing on mobile phones? They are using social platforms and liking others' successes.

  • They are following unnecessary people and discuss on others people's life.

  • They are telling others, a success story as they are doing a speech.

  • Instead of wasting your time and money on such people, you will have to get motivation and inspiration from such people.

  • It's okay if you get amazed by their start and their progress but you will have to use this as an example and motivate yourself to find your passion and work hard on it.

  • Do not waste your time, again and again, seeing their post just by liking their achievements.

  • Work on your achievements and when you fulfil your target and then post it.

  • Remember, not all the things on social media is true. If you find something or someone amazing learn from them and work on yourself.

  • Give yourself time, it's necessary. I am not saying you have to do all things once. Start by minimum. Use your mind.

  • When you start using your brain it will give you productive ideas. Think creatively and change your lifestyle.

    Key points

There are some clues based on everyone's way of living and how can change their lifestyle into a productive one.

  • Start working when others are playing. Don't waste your time playing/sitting idle.

  • Organize your daily schedule.

  • Write what you want to do in this short span of life.

  • Be an early riser.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Be disciplined.

  • Manage your daily task.

  • Stop wasting time on social media.

  • Find your passion.

  • Do things you like. It will always give you satisfaction.

  • Be healthy.

  • Also, play sports. Sports will give you a healthy mind and body.

  • Notice your progress chart.

  • Find your inspiration. Having inspiration is remarkable it will give you the all-time motivation that you need.

  • Be a silent worker don't go around telling others your plans.

  • Show them what you are capable of.

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  • Invest your time and money in something profitable.

  • Your time is precious you have one life to do all the things you need to do.

(I think nowadays BTS boy and is very famous and everyone knows about them. you will think why I am suddenly talking about them. One of their songs is "Jump" V's lyrics are very fabulous that song)

In this song, there is motivation about doing something you love which "V" is is is very wonderfully sang

"No matters who tries to stop me

I will go on my way

you only live once....."

I am not writing further but these lines are my favourite ones I find electricity in me just how the amazing on is all the song has motivation in themselves. you have to find out what gives you the sudden charge of work on yourself.

Sometimes songs are not just for fun sometimes they will give you motivation.

Bitcoin cash.

Similarly, we have one platform as we all know read cash or bitcoin cash allows the small writer to write and share their thoughts.

It's also an amazing forum where you can work and find your interest. Just like me now I like writing when having spare time instead of wasting my time watching tv.

Bitcoin cash is also a motivation. you will get excited when you make new friends and you have an audience.

It's like you are talking to them. it is a good feeling.


IN conclusion, all I wanted to say is that it is not bad to like others when they are progressing but in this process, you are getting distracted so don't distract yourself. it will waste your time so learn and imply and become successful. mark your daily target progress and become a shining star.

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11 months ago