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1 year ago

Ever wonder, what it takes to be a good leader?

The truth is I do not have that much knowledge and idea, of what it really takes to become a good leader. I only have some things that I have learned and gained from my past experiences.

Hello again read cash fam! As I've mention in my previous article post yesterday, I'm gonna share to you my humbling experience in my leadership journey! Unfortunately, I still couldn't find the right words on how should I write it, it's in my draft still, but worry not cause, here I have written something that relates to being a leader. I hope this makes sense to you all guys. Happy Reading!

Being a leader doesn't require you to be perfect in every way. Being able to lead doesn't mean you are always right, not because you are a leader doesn't mean you boss around everyone. A leader knows how to say no at times. It is challenging indeed, a challenge I would never get tired to take, over and over again.

Being a leader is tiring, yes I won't lie about this, it is exhausting at times, but guess what at the end of the day, It is one of the most fulfilling, no matter how tiring it could be. Being able to serve others, lending your hand, listening to their whims and rants, helping and answering their queries. The feeling is above anything else at the end of the day.

To be a good leader, requires sacrifice, discipline, long patience, time, it consumes your energy, and most of all, a big and humble heart.

To be a good leader, is to be a good follower.

I will try my best to post often. Hoping my schedule and tasks will be on hand.

Ola, Goodnight everyone! Signing off again, time to make some tasks from school, I hope I can drop by again tomorrow or some other time to read your articles and post some of mine too!!! Thank you for your unending support!

May we all be Blessed!

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1 year ago


It takes a lot of guts to be a leader since even our own negativity can consume us anytime, and I agree being a good leader doesn't always need to be perfect in every way as a leader needed to partake in all the hardship that his followers into

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1 year ago

Indeed, well said!💯🤎

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1 year ago