The hidden intelligence game led by Freemason and we are oblivious to it....

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Henry Kissinger (an American politician, diplomat, and geopolitical consultant) says in his book "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" we today live in the golden billion era. But they do not need to kill 6 billion, but drive them to death slowly by dosing every day.

German Muslim scientist, Peer Vogel. When asked about terrorism and its relationship to Islam: He said:

Who started the First World War.? Not Muslims?

Who started the Second World War. ? They are not Muslims!

The global cosmic Masonic conspiracy casts a shadow over world events and the outbreak of the Corona virus came after the invasion of the world. Diseases and viruses spread and suddenly disappear, such as mad cow disease, anthrax, SARS disease, Ebola, monkey flu, pigs, birds and other incomprehensible diseases, so they can show us now Snake and bat disease in the name of the Corona virus.

There is no doubt that all of these diseases and epidemics are all manufactured and genetically modified viruses and that their purpose is to destroy humanity as explained in the Talmud book and we must bear in mind that there is a British-Israeli project to produce genetically modified viruses ie genetically modified genotypes working to kill people This project is being carried out at the Biological Research Institute in the Nice Ziona region, and it is considered the main center for Israel's secret research of chemical and bacteriological weapons. This is stated by the American journalist Louis Toscano, owner of the book of the Triangle Cross, which was published in 1990 on the nuclear secrets of Israel. For he has no doubt that Israel is working on the production of weapons Bioloچah was referring to a large factory working near Haifa continued Israeli University.

There is a conspiracy and the days are sufficient to reveal the hidden

Who killed about 20 million Australian Aborigines?

Who launched the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Who killed more than 100 million red Indians in North America?

Who killed more than 50 million red Indians in South America?

Who enslaved more than 180 million Africans and threw 88% of those killed in the Atlantic Ocean?

China is a great and huge technological force .. Do you really believe that a country the size of China and its people exceeded a billion and a half and succeeded in limiting the spread of Corona without medication and treatment .. ?? Only containment and prevention ?? As we find the countries of the world shocked by this epidemic ?? We are living in a major bacterial war fierce between the powers of the world and was the result of the trade conflict between America and China, which turned into a major economic war


The biggest possibility now is that the Chinese laboratories have the drug and it has been tried and the result is successful and I think China has the official anti-corona vaccine

Now there is a question frequently asked why the epidemic affected Iran and Italy, the largest country affected by it? The answer is that there are three countries that were on the list, and they are receiving millions of visitors to religious sites, namely Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Italy

Iran and Italy were directly targeted, and Saudi Arabia was the third on the list, and the danger is still hovering around it, as of writing these lines.

Review the president's speech where he mentioned the word "war" and repeat it a lot

Corona's epidemic came immediately after the launch of the century deal, and the beneficiary of it is the new world order and the Zionist lobby .. The biggest affected of it is the Chinese Silk Road project, which is the largest and largest economic commercial project in the world.

There are doubts that America is behind this virus with economic motives, as Washington fears its inability to compete with or catch up with China economically, as the leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has openly accused the United States of America of spreading this virus, as a former member of the United Nations Commission on Biological Weapons Igor Nikulin believes The emergence of this virus could be the result of a US biological weapons test, and this was confirmed by former NATO commander James Stavridis in an article in the Foreign Policy newspaper, where he warned of biological weapons and epidemics that could kill one fifth of the world's population.

It is the experiences of the Antichrist to fulfill the Talmud prophecies in the Talmudic texts that they think and apply in the Masonic world network. These are some Talmudic texts that they are trying to achieve in order to be pleased with the Lord and the Lord in the Talmud is of course Satan.

((Before the Jews finally rule, the war must be in full swing and two-thirds of the world's population will perish, and the true Christ will come and achieve the near victory of these Jews)).

The Corona virus industry is only the beginning of what is to come after the end of the Greater Middle East agreement or what is known to the Masons rulers as "Greater Israel"

The Antichrist soldiers are now working to fulfill the prophecies of their books by establishing the Third World War to exterminate two thirds of the world's population through this Third World War or by the spread of diseases and epidemics that will destroy two thirds of the world's population or through both together so as to establish the Greater Israel Antichrist from the Nile To the Euphrates and the establishment of the Antichrist in Jerusalem in preparation for the descent of their Savior, the Antichrist, to rule and possess the world.

On the other hand, a former member of the United Nations Commission on Biological Weapons is believed. Igor Nikulin that the appearance of this virus could be the result of using an American biological weapon. Recall the 2010 scandal. The same mistake was made. In Indonesia, when one of the 400 US military biological laboratories was closed. And spread around the world because it was conducting secret experiments with the bird flu virus, which was classified as a serious epidemic and spread globally and then disappeared.

Another source is the former NATO commander. James Stavridis. Who warns of biological weapons and epidemics ... can kill a fifth of the Earth's population. In an article singled out by Foreign Policy magazine, he emphasized that this means the death of more than 400 million people.

Also three months before the outbreak in China. British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported. Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security have created a hypothetical epidemiological model. Amidst predictions, the new virus will kill more than 65 million people worldwide. Within 18 months. Did these successive events come out of the blue? And why at this particular time .. ???

American journalist Luis Toscano, author of the book "Triangle Cross", published in 1990 on the leak of Israel's nuclear secrets, says he has no doubt that Israel is working to produce biological weapons. The results always indicated a large factory operating near Haifa, an Israeli university.

It is dangerous about Israel compared to other countries that produce biological weapons in the third world that Israel was able to develop an advanced mechanism to launch these weapons effectively. But Israel will think a thousand times before using any of these weapons because of the geographical proximity between them and its Arab neighbors. Is it capable ??? Are Muslims aware that it is the war of minds ????.

Go home. It is dangerous

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