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I will not cry !!!

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6 months ago

I will not cry !
A 10-year-old Japanese boy stands in the crematorium and carries the body of his younger brother who died in US raids on Nagasaki.
Photo taken by Joe O'Donnell, commissioned by the US military to document the impact of incendiary bombs and nuclear bombs on Japanese cities in 1945, O'Donnell traveled through Japan for seven months to take pictures, focusing on the terrible devastation in western Japan and the great human suffering.

"I saw a boy about 10 years old carrying a child on his back. At that time, it was usual for the boys to carry their younger brothers in this way. But this boy was different, his features were as solid as if he were trying to contain his feelings," he said. The little boy on his back tilted down like a sleeper, and the boy stopped near the crematorium for about 10 minutes.

He was approached by the white masked men working in the Holocaust. They unfastened the rope and took the little boy who now seemed dead. They took the child and put him in the fire. His brother stood up a little with his fixed gaze and his feet with only the movement of his lower lip. The boy turned back and walked away in silence.

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