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Living life shouldn't be just sitting on the couch doing nothing. We must keep ourselves moving, and do something for the betterment of ourselves.

We won't be successful if we don't accomplish anything. We won't be able to reach our goals if we don't have the bravery to strive for them. Wishing for something to happen is insufficient. Life isn't a passive experience. Nothing will happen unless we take action. To do the work, we must be engaged at all times, and if we persevere, the things we sow will soon be reaped.

You must decide what you will do, face the risk if it currently exists, and work for the change you desire in your life. 

Life is like a roaring river in which we shall die if we do not know how to swim and do nothing amid the raging waters.

Meaning to say, if we didn't do something in our life, what path we will be ending up on? Of course, nothing, just a plain life before and we'll end up dying without an achievement. No excitement, no challenges, no success.


In this article, I am going to share with you the 3 C's in life that every one of us must take into consideration.

"You must make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never change."
- Zig Ziglar


1. Choice

The first thing we should do before doing anything is to make a choice. Plan ahead of time and make informed decisions to reduce the likelihood of regret later on. When making a decision, don't be too hasty. Choose what you believe to be the greatest options, or if you're unsure, seek recommendations or suggestions from individuals you trust. 

For instance, we must choose from the letters or numbers put on the test paper to answer each question, just like we would in an exam, especially a multiple-choice question. It will be automatically erroneous if we did not choose and skip a specific item. Our teacher will mark it as incorrect because we didn't provide an answer to the question, and we will have no point with that nothing will be added to the supposed total score.

In life, we should always make a choice, because if we didn't, our way of life will remain as it is. There's no change at all.

2. Chance

After you've made a choice, chances and opportunities will start to present themselves. And what we should do is seize such opportunities to move closer to our goals. 

Taking risks is an important aspect of living a better life. Consider this: if we overlook the opportunities or chances that are available to us, would our lives change? None.

Continuing my previous example:

We've already chosen from each of the items on our test paper; the next step is to consider the opportunities that we can grab after that. That we should deliberate carefully and select the proper answer as often as possible to increase our chances of receiving a high score and, most likely, an A+ on our academic card. That's the way things work. After you've made your decision, take a chance.

3. Change

Change for the better is what everyone's aiming for in their lives. And that will be successfully achieved when the first 2 C's are done perfectly.

If we don't make a decision and refuse to take a chance, our lives will never change. The first two stages determine our prospects of making a change in our lives. So, if we don't want to live a life that is stagnant with little or no advancement, we should consider what we should do with our lives. Don't just sit on the couch and sleep in our bed; get to work on what you want to accomplish.

In light of the preceding examples, if we chose the correct answers to the questions on our test paper, there is a chance that we will receive a high score and a remarkable grade, and as a result, change will occur, such as making our parents proud or receiving a medal of appreciation at the recognition ceremony.

However, if we do not answer the questions, we will receive a low or no score, and our prospects of receiving good scores or experiencing a change will be slim to none. How can we expect something to happen if we didn't do anything to make it happen? If we want to change, we must make a decision and take as many risks as possible.

Closing Thoughts:

Life isn't always about chance. We can't just wish for something to happen and never put into effort to make it happen. If that is our thinking, believe me when I say that we will never change. 

No one can do the work for us indefinitely. If we desire something, we must first decide what we want and then plan the best course of action to achieve it. After that, seize the possibility or possibilities that come our way to help us improve. Finally, the changes we desire will be present to make us happy.

Just a gentle reminder: making a decision is seldom perfect or correct all of the time. There will be times when we believe our decisions will benefit us, but they do not. If we make the wrong decision, chances are we will be harmed, and the change we expect will not be what we expect.

And that's okay, as long as you'll never give up and continue to try again. We make mistakes all the time as we learn and strive towards something. We shouldn't be disappointed by our poor decisions; they are still a part of our lives that we should be grateful for because they happened. Just be cautious the next time and make the proper decisions. We must evaluate our past mistakes and use them as motivation to do the right thing to increase our chances of making a change.

Make the right choice and you'll have a better chance of making a positive change.


This article is based on Zig Ziglar's "The 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes."

After reading the quotation, I was encouraged to think about it and share my thoughts and opinions with all of you here by writing this post, because I believe there will be many lessons you can learn from it. I hope you learn something useful that will help you stay motivated and strive for the change you desire in your life.

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