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Dear Self

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4 months ago

Dear self,

I know you are again in your one of those moments. You have so much to bear emotionally that others can't see. I know how you are becoming frustrated and disappointed for certain things in your life and even blaming yourself for it. I feel how much you would like to be of use and extend some help but you feel you can't because you have no means to do it. You have no job and you have no money. If you look at how things are happening, all you can do is just cry.

I see that you are emotionally exhausted and the burdens are getting too much heavy too bear. And I know that you needed a hug from your loved ones but they never seem to care because they never knew how you feel everytime. I am giving you my big hug to let you know that I care for you. My only request is, please don't ever give up and I know you'll not. I've seen you've been through it so may times and you still managed to stand on your feet fighting.

I know you are strong but hold on tighter and don't let your frustrations put you down. I love you and you have me forever. I'll be with you in the ups and downs of your life.



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