Who is Martti Malmi? (´・ω・`)モキュ?

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Do you know who Martti Malmi is? I did not know about him till I had become interested in Bitcoin and its community. I got to know about him through the book called “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money” by Nathaniel Popper. We can purchase the book through purse.io with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) if you are interested. (。・ρ・。)ヘー


Martti Malmi is one of the very early innovators of Bitcoin (BTC) who had started mining in 2009. He tweeted that “I´d be a *billionaire* now if I hadn´t sold the 55,000 bitcoins I mined on my laptop in 2009 – 2010”.  Σ ゚Д゚≡( /)/エェッ!


55,000bitcoin is worth 3.2 billion USD of as April 2021.

Σp(`□´)q ナニィィイイイ!!


The Bitcoin white paper was released in 2008, and then the software was released later on January 3rd in 2009. Now, it is difficult for us to imagine that Bitcoin used to struggle to get attention when the software was released. Bitcoin was inspired by the Cyberpunk Movement and created for people who wish to have a “method” to transact payment without relying on any third-party entity such as banks.


In the Bitcoin white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto did not mention that Bitcoin will be a “cryptocurrency” or was the intention to replace fiat currency.


I did not know that the word “cryptocurrency” was coined by someone who started using bitcoin early in the Bitcoin community referred to Bitcoin as “cryptocurrency”. And then Satoshi and Marti had discussed if they should refer to bitcoin as “cryptocurrency” or not. Then, they agreed with the idea.  ホジホジ(´σω`)インデネェ?


Marti Malmi is one of the very early innovators of Bitcoin. When Satoshi Nakamoto released the software of Bitcoin on bitcoin.org in 2009, it seemed that not so many people were interested in it. Who would download the free software to start mining bitcoin, for what? And, if you start mining bitcoin, then how could you use it, anyway? Maybe, that was their first opinion when the early discoverers of Bitcoin saw the release of the software.


But Marti was different from most of them. Besides, he emailed Satoshi Nakamoto to offer some help.


"I would like to help with Bitcoin, if there’s something I can do," (2) he wrote.


Marti was a sophomore at Helsinki University who was spending most of his time at the university computer lab. He was studying computer science, but he did not know about C++, which is the programming language used for Bitcoin thus he started learning himself.



Today, we have Bitcoin.com and other websites which explain Bitcoin. But, in 2009 when the software was released, there was none, of course. And, Marti contributed to educating people about what Bitcoin was with simpler words so that non-tech people like me also could understand the purpose of Bitcoin. I believe that this is everyone´s wish that “Ah, I wish I could have known about it as early as possible!” When I got interested in cryptocurrencies, one BTC was about 10,000USD, and now it is approximately 60,000USD.

This is the kind of promotion, Marti created to explain Bitcoin to ordinary people.


Marti was majoring in Computer Science, but I do not even have any programming background. But maybe that is also important to write something about Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) if I found something interesting to share on my blog so that I can write with my simple English to share the information. Plus, I can explain how cool BCH is to my mother with my simple English.  The great invention needs to be explained in simple English with non-tech words so that ordinary people like me can also understand the concept of Bitcoin.  ((o(・∀・`o)ドモドモ(o´・∀・)o))


It is inspiring to know that Bitcoin used to struggle to get attention to people, yet it became a global phenomenon to stock existing fiat currencies (without any intention). And, most importantly, Bitcoin gave us a head-up that existing financial systems are not perfect and the meaning of money, “TRUST”. In the early stage of ”money”, we, humans barter shells and precious stones, then we discovered silver and gold as a means of storing wealth. Then, gold becomes a standard to measure “money”. However, in short, the trust of the USA became a value of “money” after they had changed from gold. Do we trust USD as “money”? Do we keep trusting the USA as the value of “money”? Or, do you think that the previous US administration hurt the trust of the USA as the value of “money”? We maybe start losing trust in the USA, that is why the price of Bitcoin (BTC) keeps increasing.


Matti is such an important figure at the incipience of Bitcoin to advocate the importance of Bitcoin.


And, it is also very cool to know that Bitcoin was supported by so many early adopters who help develop and grow the communities. As the communities grew, the price of BTC grew. So that, I believe that the BCH communities grow, then the price of BCH will also grow. We will see how far Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can go.   (○´∀)人(´∀○)ノイェーイ♪


Mizuo – April 6th, 2021

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One month has passed since I started blogging! (・∀・)イイネ!!(・∀・)イイネ!!


1) Purse.io (Digital Gold, the book): “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money”



2) The Verge: “The shy college student who helped build Bitcoin into a global phenomenon”



3) What is Bitcoin? (V2) (YouTube)


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He was also a Bitcoin developer early on and was going by the name Sirius. There was also some argument that he could have been Satoshi, but it is a weak one without a lot of support. Good post by the way, it is nice to see that some are looking back into Bitcoin history. I also do research very often as it is how we can learn why we missed Bitcoin earlier and how it followed developments.

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2 years ago

Hi annayks,

Sirius! What a nice pseudonym! Satoshi gave him full credentials to update the Bitcoin website to promote Bitcoin, but I did not know that he was also a developer. Cool! It is cool to know that Martti learned C++ as he communicated with Satoshi on the process of developing Bitcoin. I am sure that this story will become in Hollywood someday! LOL!

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2 years ago