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Keto is it good for you

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7 months ago

Is being used by many famous Celebrities Mama June, and even Halle Berry. The Keto diet helps you achieve a state of Ketosis that’s when it burns fat Some experts say it can cause some serious health risks for people with type 2 diabetes you might experience  something called the Keto flu where you will experience gastrointestinal and vomiting.

Things you can do

  • Sleep

  • Water,Organic Coffee

  • Adaptogenic herbs

It can even cause Diarrhea it can be because of lack of fiber in the diet cutting down on carbs being on this diet can cause this like not eating enough vegetables grain bread and diary. It can reduce athletic performance. But athletes claim that they have been doing better on the field running faster losing weight and even being able to play longer.

And people with type 1 and 2 diabetes ask your doctor permission first before taking anything cause being on the keto diet may even trigger something called Ketoacidosis. It can store too many ketones in your body that's when the blood in your body becomes too acidic. It can damage to your liver and kidneys including your brain. not getting help it could lead to death.

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7 months ago
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