Doug Banjica is a secret pearl, Serbia

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About 5 kilometers from the city of Pirot, Mount Vidlic, which extends to the territory near Bulgaria. And at the height, which varies between 470 and 510 meters, there are numerous springs of healing water, for which this mountain is famous.

The lower and upper groups of springs are prominent on the Vidlič mountain. And the water temperature at the Source of Life is constant at 29 degrees.

More precisely, in the canyon of the Gradašnička river, only a few kilometers from the city center, every day, regardless of the season, on a goat trail about three kilometers from the village of Gradašnica, and uphill, several hundred people from all over Serbia and abroad, who believe in healing various eczema, open wounds, but also the treatment of stomach problems, especially ulcers.

In addition to being treated for gangrene, but also for various stomach problems, and above all stomach ulcers, the water at these springs is also known for its significant concentration of silver. In fact, there is so much silver in it that it is good for the body.

The source is believed to date back to the reign of the Roman Empire, as archaeologists have discovered the remains of settlements and tombs nearby.

Numerous Turkish records from the 16th century testify to the ancient ruins on the site of today's Dag Banjica, in which it is stated that the village of Gradašnica was built on the remains of ancient walls.

The spring of Doug Banjica, which can be reached after a half hour walk along the river Gradašnica, upright from the village of the same name, got its name during the time of the Turks. Legend has it that the beauty of Daga from Istanbul, who was looking for a cure for severe skin diseases all over Asia and Europe, found salvation at this place. As a sign of gratitude, the girl called the spring where she miraculously healed severe wounds by name.

if it is not directly related to the origin of the name Doug Banjica, there is another legend that refers to this place. It takes us back to the time when these proposals were ruled by the Romans.

And they said that Roman soldiers were returning from a walk. There were many wounded soldiers among them, who were so bad that they could not even walk anymore. Having no other solution for their comrades-in-arms, the soldiers who move leave them there, thinking that they will die. However, very soon after consuming water from this spring, they actually fully recovered. According to the legend, many of them even stayed to live in that area, marrying local girls.

Although officially Doug Banjica is not described as a shelter, none of the visitors are probably there on the doctor's recommendation, but again throughout the year, someone decides to visit this spring.

The whole of Gradašnica supplies water from this spring, and there are no stomach ulcers in the village, and it rarely happens that anyone has stomach problems.

Pirotan Vojkan Markovic has been coming to Doug Banjica for three decades, at least twice a week, to drink and cook, and as he says, he has witnessed many miraculous healings at this spring. "I started coming for water regularly 30 years ago because it helped me solve my stomach problems. It is extremely healing, so it is no wonder that I have seen people here from all over Serbia, but also from Macedonia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and many other countries.

The spring is visited by at least a hundred people every day, even in winter when it is not easy to walk through the frozen canyon. "

"At the source, I saw people whose whole bodies were in wounds, they looked like they were falling apart.

After a few weeks of daily bathing in this water, everything would heal as if it had never existed. I know at least a dozen sugars who, thanks to coming to Daga Banjica, healed their fingers and avoided amputation of their legs ... "

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Amazing place,great photos dear.This is definitely miracle of nature.I like walking in nature in visiting new places.Maybe,one day I come to Serbia.I wish to see this beauty in live.

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Wonderful photos and even more wonderful sources. I haven't heard of this place. Thank you .

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