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Winter cake from my mom & granny

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1 week ago

I developed a love of cooking as a small child. Due to the bad relationship between my parents from the very beginning of their marriage, I spent most of my life with my grandmother. She was dedicated to cooking, and as a little boy I always hung around her legs in the kitchen. Although I am a boy, she did not prevent me from helping her whenever I wanted, which was relatively unpopular in patriarchal society at the time for boys to cook.

It quickly turned out that I had great talent, which developed and improved over time. By my choice of a life vocation in the direction of chemistry and technology, it only deepened and improved my culinary skills, because you know how they say about chemistry, that it is a kitchen only in which one should not lick a spoon.

This cake has been prepared in my family for winter holidays since I know it for myself, and today my mother regularly prepares it every year. Since the first snow has finally fallen on me, it's time to treat ourselves to this cake. The cake is ready, now we just need another glass of mulled wine.

image source is Google image, but cake look same

Without milk and fat.

Few ingredients


- wheat flour of the highest grade of 80 grams

- Whole wheat flour 70 grams

- Powdered sugar 60 grams

- 4 eggs

- Cedar of one orange

- Salt, cardamom 1 tsp, cinnamon 1 tsp

- Baking powder 0,5 tbs

- Nuts 200 gr (I have almonds 100 gr, peanuts 50 gr, Walnuts 50 gr)

- Dried fruits (candied mix 200 gr, dried apricots 200 gr, dried cranberries 100 gr)


Mix nuts with dried fruits.

Then add to them all flour, spices and baking powder.

Beat eggs with powdered sugar and a pinch of salt until thick foam.

In three steps, add the beaten eggs to the dry mixture.

Spread in a silicone mold.

Bake first for 20 minutes at 160 g, then cover the cake with parchment and at 150 g for another 20-30 minutes, depending on the thickness.

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Written by   232
1 week ago
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I don't have any love for cooking, and my favorite cake is puslica.

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3 days ago

So delicious, homemade foods are very special for someone you loved.

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1 week ago

Wow! It looks delicious in the photo my dear! 😍😋

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1 week ago