The dogma of crypto coins

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Yes, I am a holder, and here is why

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These days I had a constructive discussion with a few of my friends about the crypto world. We are all in the crypto story less than the very beginning and our discussions are always about what the future holds for crypto. At one point we tried to analyze the whole story from a social perspective. At this point we have a very short period of time in the existence of the world of cryptocurrencies so we can only make an assumption based on experiences with some other phenomena of a similar nature throughout human history. If the scientific analytics of sociology were to be applied, one cannot help but notice that in the crypto world one kind of dogma is becoming more and more entrenched, which in its dissected form has large common parts like most religious dogmas.

What is dogma?

By definition, the term dogma is generally used to denote the fundamental principle of a religion, or those philosophically formulated beliefs that are laid down at the core of a given teaching.

More or less, our general conclusion boils down to the fact that the crypto world is still waiting for a bright future because the dogma, which appears in the crypto story, has so far proved to be able to mobilize billions of people for thousands of years in continuity. During all these years, there were ups and downs of individual gods, but the essence is that religion is something that has survived deep in the minds of the people, regardless of the fact that the deities have changed.

What is it that makes the world of crypto money alluring? To begin with, we can say that there are three things in the dogma of almost every religion - hope for a reward - fear of punishment - consolation for everything that we cannot change on the basis of which we draw strength to continue through life So don't we find something like that in the world of cryptocurrencies? How else can we explain that group of people we call holders, than as someone who believes and hopes to be rewarded? We could define all newcomers to the club as those who are there for fear of a missed opportunity (read fear of punishment)

What is it that makes the world of crypto money sustainable?

Realistically, the answer is very simple. The whole world of cryptocurrencies is maintained by those people we call holders. A common feature of all holders is faith in what they do. So the existence of the world of cryptocurrency is made possible by those people who, if we are talking about any religion, would call them believers. They are all great promoters of the whole story and thanks to that more and more people are joining this community every day. We all know that in the world of religion we have missionaries who spread their kind of faith among the people. Recent events prove just that. A direct influence on the strengthening of the world of cryptocurrencies was made a few days ago, and a few months ago, by Elon Musk, who recruited a very large number of new people in the crypto world. The site we are on plays a role, expanding the number of people in the world of cryptocurrencies, and it does that mission very well. A good number of people I meet on the site have not met crypto coins directly before. For myself, I can say that I am responsible for at least twenty new crypto holders, so all this is nothing but missionary work.

Ordinary stories from life that become myths and legends as an indispensable part of every dogma

Whether you are a religious man or not and no matter what religion you belong to, I am sure you know many stories that can be found in sacred religious books. They are there as a reminder to persevere in our faith and proof that our faith is not in vain. They are also there to warn us that we can expect punishment if we do not act in accordance with the expected norms.

We find the same in the world of cryptocurrencies. I honestly don’t know if any crypto holder with a track longer than a month or two days doesn’t know the story of a man who bought a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. The conclusion that can be drawn is that he had no faith and that he repented very quickly because of his actions. So some kind of punishment reached him. Although this is a story with a sad ending, it has recruited a large number of people into the crypto world. On the other hand, many positive stories about how cryptocurrencies have changed people's lives for the better are a very good inspiration for all those who have not yet started saving cryptocurrencies. My life story is one of those, because thanks to crypto coins I managed something that I would not have succeeded without them. Thanks to crypto novices, my children today are highly educated people with respectable occupations and all this has been provided by the crypto world.

How can the world of cryptocurrencies fail?

Crypto coins can fail if all holders lose faith in them at the same time and try to redeem them at the same time. That, at least for me, is an amazing scenario. The next way is for them to become banned globally, which is again a scenario that has already become unbelievable due to the large number of people present in the story. The third way is to cut off electricity on the entire planet for a very long period of time. Also an amazing scenario, but if something like that happens, crypto money and everything else will be our least concern.


By analyzing the data, we can come to the figure that today at least 2% of the world's population has some contact with the world of cryptocurrencies. This world is no longer reserved for a narrow group of people in the IT sector and butchers on the stock exchanges, but most of those ordinary people like me, my wife, children, friends ... Thanks to the mentioned messiahs, many young people, even children, got involved. in swimming crypto waters about which I wrote a short article a few days ago. All this leads me to the conclusion that the crypto world has come into our lives and that it will most likely stay there forever. It would be very interesting to look to the future through some 5 or 10 generations when people will find themselves passing on their cryptocurrencies from generation to genre, as they pass on religious attitudes or fan passions.

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Anyone can really be dogmatic into something. But, i believe that we can't put everything in a box, change is constant. Im glad to see that you're still writing here, just got back and I hope I can keep the passion up :)

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And this without overlooking the fact that for almost all religions money competes with God. Let us remember what says: "You cannot serve two masters" Mt 6,24

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