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 Veganism and its contribution to the world

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3 months ago

<<Your habits and lifestyle define and describe your life>>

I want to clarify before starting the article that it is clear, as well as evident that we all have different opinions and perspectives on many issues, we do not have to agree on everything but we do have to know how to have RESPECT in order to tolerate with a lot of empathy and respect the opinions, words and actions of others without evading spaces given that obviously we all deserve and have the right to freedom especially to express our opinions and express ourselves freely.

I wrote the above and wanted to make it clear especially because even though the world has evolved, there is still a lot of disrespect, especially for those who have a different and unusual lifestyle, such as the people who adopted the vegan culture. But now let's get into context. Veganism is a lifestyle especially aimed at the nutritional aspect of our lives, a lifestyle that is equated to a philosophy of life, given that people who decide to link their lives to veganism completely reject the consumption of food and the death of animals for obviously trading with them as food and substances that originate from them, these people choose to replace the common lifestyle with a food style where they eat vegetables, fruits, and similar foods that clearly do not have animal origin , I have to emphasize that it is a movement born at the end of the last century (XX) a lifestyle that evidently had few followers in its beginnings, few people were committed to this new philosophy, which was born from the cause especially of avoiding suffering and death of the animals that were and are sacrificed daily to satisfy our basic needs.

The first people who promoted this movement, exalted that they were motivated to create it since they equated the animals that are used in various cultures for food as slaves, especially they were compared to human slavery, when evidently this had been abolished since years ago by then, they also added that animals are also human beings, alive that also feel and suffer, therefore they deserve more value and deserve respect, especially with their deaths, according to the fact that the slaughterhouses where the practices of clearly kill them to distribute the obtained material later, they do it in cruel ways, they also base their impulses to create it on the various studies that had been carried out at that time, evidently today there are many more where doctors and scientists endorse that animal-based foods they are not necessary for the diet, they are substitutable and in fact the human body is designed to have a diet based on vegetables and fruits, in addition to the fact that there are obviously many studies that support that consuming these foods in quantity can cause or are the cause of serious and even fatal diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Veganism should be highlighted, unlike vegetarianism, it is more extreme, it is a little more punctual and strict with the food that is consumed, all according to the fact that people who adopt the vegetarian culture are a little flexible in their diet, giving themselves the freedom to consume dairy products and some derivatives of animals including fish and shellfish when veganism does not have and does not accept these principles, even before when they had not been properly called VEGANIMOS, people who adopted these customs were branded as total vegetarians, given that as As explained previously, they totally reject foods derived from animals, including honey, as well as elements or objects created from animals such as rugs or possessing stuffed animals. The vegan is allowed to consume only vegetables, vegetables, flour, grains, mushrooms, roots, tubers, nuts, among others, as everything can have advantages and disadvantages, let's start with the disadvantages, well as vengeance seeks substitutes that equate the same work as meat given that if they are harmful but in excess, let us remember that extremisms are bad, but they have certain advantages, especially in nutrients, which they do not give them and they fully comply with certain vegetables, one of the most common missing in these people is vitamin B12, now let's talk about the advantages and it is that it has excellent ones especially for people who suffer from stomach pathologies where everything starts from food and as it is digested, well veganism has the ability to make a good work on digesting the food we eat, you can have low cholesterol levels, it is also beneficial for the skin, among many others plus.

Today is the day of veganism, I admire too much the people who are integrating it or who live under this culture because in addition to taking care of themselves they can take care of the world, given that if they stop annihilating animals they can go down and even contribute to the environment as well as to our health, as well as contributing to animals not becoming extinct, veganism is an example, for this reason we should not criticize if you do not agree, just ignore it but do not criticize the struggles and efforts of others.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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Your habits and lifestyle define and describe your life. This is very true great article

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3 months ago