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Unforgettable and indelible traditions

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4 months ago

Tachiren tradition, Venezuelan

All the people of the world in one way or another have traditions, whether they are family or that they have acquired throughout their lives, they are unique traditions. It is something that is impossible to deny because they are part of our being. Each of these has its own characteristics, they may be very similar but it is impossible for them to be identical, they are also traditions that help us understand our roots and develop a sense of belonging.

They are traditions that range from little things as simple as typical foods that are eaten on certain special dates, the way of speaking, the celebration of very specific things in each region but that makes it very special in short, brings with it great advantages for the life of who belong to it and it is also very nice that they multiculturalize, empathize and understand many more cultures.

So I want to share with you this beautiful tradition that my grandmother has planted in me and my family for as long as I can remember, which is that every second of February, together with the celebration of the day of the Virgen de la Candelaria, He makes a small entertainment in honor of the baby Jesus and even leaves the manger until this day and after this happens if it can be removed.

In honor of the child Jesus because it is commemorated every year that he took his first steps, you can locate him in the bible: "Jesus progressed in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and men" (Luke, chapter 2 verse 52), so every day like yesterday is celebrated, praying the rosary, singing songs, sharing with family and friends who wish to celebrate this meeting, in turn, food to share is also made. It should be noted that many children are always sought to attend so that they learn more about these customs.

It is a very significant date especially in the Venezuelan Andean states, of course each one has its own characteristics and they vary according to the region, another very common thing is that the child walks through the streets closest to the community since as I mentioned before It is being celebrated that he took his first steps and that he can stand up, hence his name ยท stopping of the baby Jesus "

In the case of my house, even before I was born, my grandmother met a lady who did it and she invited her, since then said lady always brings the baby Jesus every 02/02 so that he can hide in his family's house. godparents and later they agree to come at an agreed time in procession, then he is put in the manger to pray and sing to him while the invited children look for him, it should be noted that every year the child has new godparents who are in charge after walking him together to its owner and all the little guests.

It is really a beautiful tradition that my grandmother left me and above all that reminds me of her and her beliefs, makes me think that she is still in this world even though she is already in heaven.

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Written by ย ย 30
4 months ago
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very nice article, I was very touched...

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4 months ago