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There are things more valuable than material things, such as time and honesty

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3 months ago

<<Above talent is humanity and common values: discipline, love, empathy, good luck, but above all tenacity and strength>>

It is impossible not to accept that life is much easier when we have certain possibilities or privileges, it is no secret to anyone that money can do that, but money never buys tranquility, peace, calm, happiness, health They are aspects that are not bought, they are acquired and earned as time passes, as life tests us, time teaches us that the true treasure we have day by day in the presence of our loved ones, the formula at first is to focus on obtaining goods, money, basically it is a competition where we have to have more than others, society has stipulated many highly corrosive firsts, one of them is envy, envy is an extremely corrosive feeling, at In the end, the damage is not to others, the damage is to ourselves, to our essence, to our personality, given that the passing of the years will obviously make us wiser, that wisdom will make us understand that c Competition is not with others but with us, with trying every day to improve ourselves, to be better, now when I write overcome ourselves I mean all those weaknesses and negative aspects that live in us, in turning them into our greatest strength, in fighting for change them and not by ignoring them.

That what always reigns as a pattern in our form and lifestyle is love, when and where there is love, there is respect, there is equity, there are countless characteristics that make whoever possesses them completely more human, in the end we only we carry what we build based on memories, feelings and emotions, our heritage will always be based on love, healthy, reciprocal relationships and good connections that we form over time, in short based on memories, although it is It is true that when we begin to live, when we let go of our wings, when we emancipate ourselves and we are building our personality and our lifestyle based on what truly exalts our hearts, we have different priorities, we obviously begin with the vision that the world installed in us as factory defect, wanting to have, basically established or injected us with the same objective, to be born, grow, study, marry, reproduce and die, the plan was inserted in us, from very small, we were practically born in a world where everyone follows that plan, only a few dare to get out of the comfort zone and follow their own instincts and dreams.

Following the plans of others, in the end, will leave you exhausted, they will leave you empty, we should not be afraid of showing the world how special each one lives, especially in the personal life project that we have, because in the end if we follow what others do alone It will make us dissatisfied, which evidently denotes attitudes directed under frustration, under anger, under the regret of a first point, not having had enough courage to fight against all odds for what moves our dreams, never be afraid to go against the current , the base and the dreams may be tinged with rarity but they definitely have a strange way of making us feel full and strengthened, remember it is better to follow our dreams no matter how small or big they are, do not fear what they will say, if your heart dictates being a doctor , sweeper, engineer, accountant, teacher, mechanic, among others, you just have to make sure that it is what moves you, that generates life for you, in what you perform and are given to you. n absolute naturalness, because when we give our life and our process in which we feel happy, obviously the results will come by themselves, never be afraid to be honest, never be afraid to tell the truth no matter how much it hurts, repressing and keeping aspects so important in our soul, they will obviously end up taking their toll later on with mental health aspects, such as stress, sadness, anxiety and even depression.

To wrap up, let's recap the lessons learned from this article today:

-The greatest wealth we have is not about material aspects, the greatest wealth is truly related to values, with the essence of life and what we are, but especially with our loved ones, with the special people we have around us. around, they are the real gift.

-Dreams, our goals, our objectives, priorities and life project are important, they are extremely key to the development of our lives, giving them wings and fighting daily to fulfill them is one of the greatest riches of life.

-You, you are the key for the above to develop with satisfaction, therefore love yourself, value yourself, be patient, you are doing everything you can to give more value to what it deserves and not only to what has a cost because let us remember that which has value cannot be paid for as easily as that which has a price.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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Yeah that's true..great article the greatest wealth is truly related to values

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3 months ago