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The family our safe place in life

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1 month ago

I could not let go of the fact that yesterday a very important holiday was celebrated in honor and to celebrate the most beautiful, pure and harmonious union in the world, the family, where life begins and ends, the place where we undoubtedly feel safe and secure in any moment and circumstance of the world. The family, regardless of the fact that at times not everyone agrees or thinks and acts the same, is the most important thing that exists in the life of the human being, since we are children and even babies, it does not matter if only the conformity of a few people, because always The only essential requirement for this to work is that love always reigns and abounds, which brings with it a retinue of emotions and good values ​​that help harmony reign in the home such as respect, solidarity, generosity and empathy. They are values ​​that are acquired and taught to us by our parents for any situation in our lives, but that undoubtedly helps in how we develop in any area of ​​our life, especially the family, because the family is those people who always are regardless of whether it is or not. a good time, they are the most faithful people in your life.

With the passage of time we realize that even despite thousands of adverse circumstances where there are crises, the family is the family and it is the one who will probably never turn their back on you, those who will be supporting you even if they do not agree and They think that you are committing a madness, those who are in case of illnesses or very serious problems, always in these circumstances, whoever is with you is who truly is your family, who should consider your family because regardless of whether you are or not, that you have or possess is with you at the foot of the canyon ready to accompany you, support you and keep you company in your life situations, that is why today more than ever value those who are with you do not waste another second to tell them everything they are worth in your life, how much you appreciate their presence, their light, their company and support throughout your entire existence, that although they may not have many things of value, they give you much more with the small s great things in life like support, words of encouragement, being attentive.

Even on more than one occasion there are people who become part of our family even without having any blood ties just for the fact of being present, of giving us gifts and giving us much more value than many people who say they are family, family is something much Deeper, they are connections, which we can even establish with strangers, we can create our own family of life, with our friends or people who we consider have always been in our process, who have not been afraid to give us love, strength and desire. always going against the current, people who have remained even in times of storm, who have gotten wet with us and who have also waited for the sun to rise, these are the people who deserve to celebrate and celebrate with us any triumph of our life These are the ones that we must always keep in mind, help but above all have them as a priority since they always had us and have kept us on their list of people. Featured women, people to whom they give and deliver love and many things without expecting anything in return. Value, value the family with whom you share DNA but also value those who have become family, with whom you have created and developed deep ties, value why we are here today and maybe not tomorrow, how nice it is to tell people how important and valuable that they are in our life and in all our process.

Venezuelan families are very similar to Italian families, everyone always seeks to protect everyone, everyone helps each other and even looks for a way to solve the things of others, loyalty and respect abound in the air, in addition to the fact that the love above all and anything, how nice it is to grow up in this kind of family, happy, a little crazy, outgoing, but above all loving and fun, that never gives up and are always there at any time and circumstance, regardless of whether it is from day or night, how nice it is to grow up among so many beautiful people, who only add value to our personal process, people who, although fate and life distance us, know that even in the distance nothing and no one can extinguish all the feelings and experiences that they unite us, because before anything there will always be support, consideration, affection, admiration and respect. How nice it is to grow up in a Venezuelan family, with so much culture and history to tell the world, so many common experiences that we share with our entire nucleus that only promotes unity and genuine support.

Today more than ever I thank life, God, the universe, for putting me in such a special family, in which I have never felt alone and there are always words of encouragement to follow, in which support, love and the commitment, in which they only support you and look for ways to help you build your dreams, thanks to all the effort and sacrifice of my little family, today I can say that I am a professional, thanks to the fact that we were always in the good times and not so much giving me encouragement to continue, not to abandon the path, because even if it seems difficult we can always fulfill everything we want, because we are powerful and we are even more powerful with the love of our family.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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I agree with you. Families are indispensable.

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1 month ago