Standards should be abolished or normalized, everyone owns their truth and their world

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11 months ago

<<Unfortunately, society under various stigmas and predicaments, instead of fostering bridges, have conspatrons who are building walls that suppress the human essence>>

We have always fought against the pressures and stigmas imposed by societies, bland patterns that have been promoted basically to try to control us, to try to dismiss the natural essence that we human beings have, even unfortunately they become more real to us when our family it seeks to put them through our eyes, it seeks that we follow these precepts and guidelines that only distance us from our originality and the personality that we have harvested until now, we are witnesses that on many occasions they are supremely unnecessary, since it obviously sows seeds of rejection in us, not only towards the world, locking ourselves inside ourselves, at the same time they are extremely dangerous since they can foster insecurities so great that they can turn into serious problems, especially mental ones, such as depression, anguish, frustration, nonconformity and anxieties in general, many standards and stigma unfortunately are directly related mente with perfection, when it is supremely clear and obvious above all to everyone's opinion that perfection is an illusion that everything in the world and what it inhabits is imperfectly perfect.

It is sad that people prefer to cultivate the encapsulated balloon of the comfort zone, zones where evidently everything is pre-established, everything is based on rigidity, nothing is transformable or modifiable, everything is based on the simple fact of patterns, established long ago. many years by people with square minds, people who obviously had a lower level than what is manifested today with the revolution of the world, where unfortunately the worst damage we do to ourselves by not giving it the opportunity to evolve, we restrict ourselves from adopting new ideas, to adopt new styles that lead us to respect and empathize with others, living in that lifestyle has propogated them fear, fear of succumbing to new alternatives, new beliefs but above all to act differently, because in their moment they were injected with the false beliefs of inflexibility, basically that change is all a mistake as well as being bad and negative, that everything must to be supremely square, that everything must be as the great spheres of the world indicate, undermining the new ideas and lifestyles that people decide to manifest in their lives.

They are people who, although they look relatively strong on the outside, are people who fear the world, fear the results and where the perspectives they adopt take them, they also have the false conception of having to meet the expectations of others imposed by others, imposed by people who just basically want to control our life, we all know that they have basically established the process that we must go through in having this wonderful miracle called life like, being born, growing up, marrying, reproducing and dying, a fairly clichéd cycle, a cycle that unfortunately for many it becomes their worst nightmare, because they adopt it thanks to the influence and pressure of others and social to which they are unfortunately subjected because they do not want to disappoint these people, at the cost of leaving their criteria, their tastes and what they really want last on the list, creating and promoting only personal damage, because they dictate their own unhappiness, just by doing Make others happy, obviously at the expense of our well-being, because the only expectations we must always meet are those that we impose on ourselves, those that we trace as our life cycle and what truly ignites our soul and our spirit.

That your life is always ruled according to your time, according to your criteria, that what you choose is always because it is what you determined that you wanted for yourself, we see how many people in the world have decided to follow the dictates of their hearts before taxes for an unhappy, insecure and individualistic society that only seeks to create and promote restrictions on the happiness of others, where they distort the personality and personal goals that each person sets. Do not be afraid to follow your heart and your criteria! Don't judge, say no to social standards that only limit us!

Thank you for reading!

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11 months ago


Hmm. This is wonderful. We should use our brains and at the same time follow our hearts. I do things that are beneficial to me and I need no one's opinion about my life. I own it!!!

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11 months ago