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Smiling costs nothing and gives a lot

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3 months ago

<<A smile means and gives a lot. It enriches and exalts whoever receives it; without impoverishing the one who offers it. It lasts a second but its memory, sometimes, never fades and lasts an eternity>>

We are sociable beings by nature, we are beings that must be in constant connection with others, since it is basically one of the objectives that we are entrusted to at birth, it is undeniable that we begin to interact even when we are in our mother's womb, but this is even more established when we are born, when for the first time we open our eyes to the world, obviously first with our family, they become the closest community to us, beings that guide us, teach us and fill us with love, understanding, respect, tenderness and joy, since with their multiple occurrences they continually teach us to live happiness, they teach us that smiles will always be the best tool to relieve any tension, a smile will always be a symbol of appreciation, kindness and goodness, basically the smile is a gesture of joy, that we can all do and give to the world, it is a soundless gesture but it has the same effect as laughter, a rehabilitating effect, a unique effect that enhances and always creates a better environment.

A super interesting fact and also motivating to always choose to be at peace even when there is no room for joy, since when we are sad or angry and we insist on intensifying these emotions and feelings, when we frown specifically we use around 43 muscles, when we only use about 17 when smiling, at first glance the great difference is noticeable, a difference that not only affects the physical body, affects the mental body, which is even more important and relevant, since when we focus on the negative, harmful and overwhelming aspects obviously we will be giving more importance to certain things that distract us from seeing, observing and accepting that fortunately in our life we ​​have many things to be thankful for, things that bring us daily but being out of focus, being committed to experiences, processes, people or things that have already served their time in our life delay us, make us stop along the way which only has a tre negative because time is gold, time is the most valuable thing that human beings possess, time is something that goes away and never comes back, the only thing we have is now, the past is obviously aspects that have already happened, aspects that They have fulfilled their time with our life and the future has not yet happened, we must always try to live life to the tune that it always touches us with a smile, with desire and fierceness to live and experience every moment and process to the fullest.

The smile, as the title explains, is a gesture that costs us absolutely nothing, that we can offer it to everyone from family, friends, relationships, even strangers, we never know that with just a gesture as insignificant as raising our corners we can change sadness and make people forget about their problems, this week, today specifically the day of smiles is celebrated, a day in which it should be an obligation that when going out on the street they give each other and exchange gestures of joy, gestures that can even lead us to create and foster new relationships, these are based on the empathy that kindness gives us, the story behind why it is celebrated and called today as world smile day is quite short basically it was established and configured more than 20 years ago, specifically in 1999 when a man showed the world an icon that is currently well known as the happy face, this one especially making the aussion to kindness and gestures that compromise a smile, a day to celebrate that although life is imperfect, we also come to seek happiness, this is obviously subjective for everyone, since for many it can be found in being in a couple, being single , study, work, raise a family, travel, in short, we all have different concepts that in turn lead us to value the precious moments that we live in calm, tranquility but also in joy.

Let us always promote kindness, friendliness and joy through gestures, in turn these are gestures that obviously have nothing to do with monetary aspects, they have to do with aspects that are priceless but have value, called dedicating time, affection and empathy to others, because it is done more with honey than with gall, we all perhaps have stories and experiences that at some point showed us that what opens doors even more in life is called respect and kindness than irritation, Hate and ego only keep us away from our goal, because in addition to smiling, happiness and being in balance with our well-being, our body generates and extracts endorphins and serotonin, chemical elements in our brain that are drivers of the aforementioned, These are aspects that are in the magic formula to achieve well-being since it lowers stress levels and increases our mood, it also contributes to promoting and enriching love for cheep.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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I remember when I was younger I hardly smile because I didn't want to be friendly and think people will see me as a soft person but now I can smile at anytime

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3 months ago