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Self love allows us

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It allows us to see life and its experiences from another perspective, of course as we adopt it more and more, because it is not just saying it or preaching it, it is putting it into practice, but in our lives, adopting it even as a lifestyle, because the Self-love allows us to see things from another angle, an angle that gives us the recognition of ourselves and everything that surrounds us and invades our lives, self-love allows us to build one of the purest and most innocent loves that can exist in the world. love for us, the love that allows us to recognize ourselves, that allows us to free ourselves from many things that are simply tying us down, turning us into other people, something toxic that is withering us, that is only contaminating us and filling us with hate, love itself changes perspectives allows us to look at our lives from a critical perspective to know if we are acting correctly or how others are acting towards our lives. It gives us many instruments or tools that we can use to implement in our lives to make it much more functional and better in any aspect.

One of the great tools that implementing self-love in our lives gives us is that we are aware of what we deserve and what we don't, or we simply give ourselves the value that we didn't allow ourselves before, or we were afraid to do so, but when for Finally you do it, when you let go and when you are able to adopt only things that positively help your process, to be a better person, to be a better woman or to be a better man, you understand everything, you understand that you are a good human being and therefore we deserve the same or more than what you always try to give to others, you deserve to have the life of your dreams, with everything you always dreamed of in it, because you are a fighter who works tirelessly every day to make your dreams come true, so you so much deserve someone who is in the same alignment as you, who always tries to return the love you give him in the same or more quantities, who above all respects you, who always above all reigns peace and harmony, you do not deserve me In dealings, you deserve to be treated like a queen or failing that like a prince, because your behavior and your way of seeing life makes it possible.

This kind of love will not only help in your love life, it will help in any aspect of your life, it will help you to give yourself the right value, it will help you to know and understand that even we are teachers towards others, that we have to know how to express how we feel, that it is good to feel, because it is something natural for human beings, although many today only want to hide their feelings, you do not have to feel guilty and do the same, everyone is their own executioner, that is why manage your life as you please, it is the only one you have, you have to make it unforgettable, creating and manufacturing the best moments, leaving a mark on the people who had and have the opportunity to meet you, to know the great person you are, the spectacular person that always try to help and do good to others, that person is unforgettable, that person will always be remembered in a good way, he will have only love in the minds of those people who knew him, because thanks to the tools of Self-love shines with natural light, with its own brightness and never illuminating others, on the contrary, shining and helping others in their process so that they can also shine, that person is the one who deserves all the love in the world and in that process all happiness in the form of experiences and people.

Because in the end there are only experiences left, in the end there will be no material things left, only everything lived and learned remains, everything you contributed and others bet on you, in the end you will win more for having given love and all things in general selflessly, all thanks to the fact that instead of being filled with hatred, he decided to give love and the tools that it gave us such as self-love a chance, for that and more you are inspiration, you are pure art, you are someone who deserves everything. Self-love is the one that leads us only by the boundaries of peace and there is nothing more beautiful in this life than living in peace with ourselves and with others.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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