Photography powerful tool to immortalize life and its memories

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<< Taking photos is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second>>

Nowadays conserving, capturing and preserving a magical and relevant moment about some stage of our life has become something simple, something of the day to day, even common, thanks to the inventions and the progress that life has had through certain devices. innovative but special given the utility it allows us, therefore to write and talk about photography it is necessary to understand when and how this transformative and fulfilling process for human life began, not all the time memories could be immortalized it was around 1830 specifically in France when an inventor given the nature of his actions, also clearly fascinated by the art of immortalizing memories, decided to venture into a new way to develop photographs, the result without a doubt clearly surprised by its duration, given that other techniques Back then they didn't last very long.

On the other hand, photography is a compound word, both with different and diverse meanings but that complement each other and make a great combination in terms of it, that is, they mean the art of obtaining lasting images thanks to the action of light also to a chemical process that make these reveal themselves, clearly in principle only black and white moments could be captured but this did not detract from the emotion and feelings that these moments of life radiated, likewise there are numerous myths that surround this branch, especially one that It has drawn attention because it has managed to position itself even after so many years, which is that when a memory is immortalized, not only is the photograph being taken, the soul of the person is being immortalized, although it is not something completely verified and endorsed. by studies it is something that without question photographs capture our deepest being and what we feel at that stage of life.

It is an invention that changed the course of life and of art, that is why today not only photography as such is celebrated, all those people who dedicate their lives to immortalizing memories of others also rejoice, clearly we can also reach the conclusion that revolutionized the world of work, given that it opened and cleared a new path full of multiple opportunities for those who were passionate about this art, so that they could make it the axis of their professional life, working on what they are passionate about and love that clearly it ceases to be a job to become something they enjoy and fortunately they are not frustrated or do it out of obligation but out of conviction, the event that was a great starting point for a day like today to be recognized as an iconic day for photography Thanks were also given to one of its precursors since he released a patent on an innovation that would be the beginning of the path for the evolution of photography.

We are extremely lucky beings, since we are living a stage where evolution is at its peak, especially in reference to photography, that is, everyone at this point in life can acquire any equipment, including a cell phone, that provides us with the help of immortalizing memories. , the possibility of accessing a camera or cell phones that have super good high-end cameras is more accessible today, many in times of yore wanted and yearned for the great invention that revolutionized lifestyle, but back then for many Factors such as economics or the low quantity of existence of this equipment made these wishes impossible, on the other hand also thanks to the fact that in those times it was not so easy to use these devices due to the methods and techniques to reveal them.

A photograph says more than a thousand words, photography does not describe, or race, or social status, photography is available to everyone, it connects us or links us in one way or another to all, since it is a universal language that we all in one way or another we know, those of us who love photography can say that thanks to it we value the small great things that life has and that many ignore, likewise photography speaks for itself that is, just by looking at it it transmits something to us a small piece of the history of the context where it was made, also today it gives us a whole experience given that this matter has flourished, has mutated and has been significantly transformed, therefore there are many styles and techniques that did not exist before and that we can explore to stay like this with the one that we feel most comfortable and pleased with.

If you are a person who has been on the platform since my inception and constantly read my deliveries in the form of writings that are born from my inspiration made with love in order to help and educate people a little more, you will know that I have counted a little about my life, that little has to do with and is linked above all with the career that I chose as the axis of my professional life, that is, design, many know the history and background behind this, today I will tell you a little more about it background and how it connects with the great world of photographic art, in short, in one of the most advanced semesters there is the subject of photography, a subject that led me to fall in love with this art, an art that many flee from it, many do not recognize what is great and what it can give us, likewise little did I discover that only people who have a talent for this are the ones who truly make a true manifestation of art, they are artists in every sense of the word Therefore, I would also like to pay a small tribute to all the photographers who decided to bet on this professional life, even if the path was not easy, you are the true immortalizers of time.

Thanks for reading, happy day of the most beautiful and authentic art in the world, photography!

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Well said, best memories are kept alive with photography

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